For many children in America, one-size-fits-all public education fails to let them truly excel and learn. Affluent families have the opportunity to escape this system, ensuring that their kids get a real education that matches their needs. Lower-income and working-class families, however, are often not so lucky. All too often they are trapped with one option – a school in need of improvement.

Public charter schools (including online charters), private schools, online courses, and home schools are options that increase families’ opportunities to find the right fit for their children. However, charters are often hard to get approved, and when approved are oversubscribed. Private and even home schooling can be too costly in terms of money and/or time for many families.

With your help, more school choice options will give kids in Oregon a real chance for improved education and an opportunity to do what so many Americans aspire to do: achieve their dreams.

Cascade Policy Institute has been in the forefront of the school choice movement in Oregon for 25 years. Please join us as we work to ensure that every Oregon child has the opportunity to get a great education.