Oregon Education Tax Credit (2009 & 2011)

0The Oregon Education Tax Credit Coalition (ORED) aims to help all Oregon k-12 children get a better education. ORED works to empower parents to find the best education for their children by creating the Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Tax Credits. Education tax credits can empower more families to pay for tutoring, better supplies, or tuition.

What is a Tax Credit?
A tax credit is not a deduction (which reduces your taxable gross income). A state tax credit is taken directly out of the income taxes you owe the State of Oregon. FOR EXAMPLE: If your state income tax is $3,000 and you qualify for a tax credit of $1,000, you owe the State of Oregon only $2,000.

What are the Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Tax Credits?
This legislation would create two tax credits:
1) The Oregon Family Education Tax Credit: A personal tax credit of $1,000 (per child) for any educational expenses including tuition, school supplies, tutoring, etc.
2) The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit. A tax credit for donations made to a tuition scholarship organization that gives scholarships to
low-income students, or students with disabilities.

Opportunity Scholarship Limits:
Up to $1,000 per Oregon taxpayer ($2,000 for married couples filing jointly).
Up to $8,000 for Oregon Businesses (Maximum credit based on $10,000 donation).

Who qualifies for this tax credit?
Any taxpayer with a child from K-12 may qualify for the Oregon Family Education Tax Credit.
Any Oregon taxpayer or business that pays taxes would qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit.

Who qualifies for the scholarships?
Tax Credit donations would be collected by state-approved scholarship granting organizations who would be required to give all their scholarships to low-income students and/or students with special needs.
The special needs scholarship would be income limited.

This legislation would:

  • Help every family in Oregon that is spending money to educate our future citizens.
  • Ensure that our most vulnerable children in Oregon get the high-quality education they deserve.
  • Generate millions of NEW dollars for the education of Oregon’s children from Oregon corporations.