School Choice Changes Lives

Can School Choice Change Lives?

Join the conversation to make good education a reality for ALL kids.

Join us for this live streaming event...

Choice Changes Lives

September 25, 2018

Broadcast Live on Facebook from the Alpha Media Lounge

We can do better for our kids.

Do you know a child that fell through the crack of Oregon’s education system? Each kid has individual challenges and learning styles, and many factors can cause them to fall behind - or even way ahead - of everyone else! Join this discussion to learn how School Choice can help.

Get answers on everything you wanted to know about educational options.

This will be a fast-moving riveting Q&A discussion with award-winning school reform experts, in front of a live studio audience, discussing (10) different topic segments.

Our kids’ future is important enough to ask questions.

If this is an issue you care about, we invite you to submit questions in advance. The conversation will be streamed on Facebook, so you can watch and join the conversation live.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Matthew Ladner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Charles Koch

Institute. He’s published several studies on school choice, charter schools, and special education reform, and helped to create Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program.

Tim Keller heads the Educational Choice Team at the Institute of Justice, where he designs and defends educational choice programs in courtrooms nationwide. He led the council that resulted in a U.S. Supreme Court victory protecting Arizona’s pioneering tax-credit-funded private school scholarship program.

Kids need your voice to get an equal chance to succeed!


Discussion Topics will Include:

  • What is School Choice and why do we need it?
  • What are the different school options (and why the alternative options available now aren’t quite good enough)?
  • Which students benefit the most from educational choice programs (hint: it’s not just the wealthy affluent kids).
  • Why would anyone be against this?
  • What going on with the laws, and how can you get involved?

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