“… This screen might be familiar to fans of Ridley Scott’s other classic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner, which has a remarkably similar screen onboard a flying police vehicle: …”. I’ll do some image research to see if I can track down the illustration on the cigarette packet in connection with this. Huh? I’m luke-warm on typesetting. Indeed, design company The Iconfactory has recreated the Semiotic Standard as a beautiful set of iOS app icons. , and starts squealing like a frog in a roomful of cats: But that, my friends, is a story for another day. The fourth item of note in that screenshot from earlier is the monitor screen itself. With those surely insignificant facts typographically established, let’s take a look at the scuttle procedure itself. It’s a whole different matter when she tries the Nitrosyl Chloride, however: According to Wikipedia, Nitrosyl Chloride is “very toxic and irritating to the lungs, eyes, and skin”. ( Log Out /  Put them together and you blow my mind. There’s still the more fundamental problem of tons vs tonnes, however, as I go on to explain…. Of course, if the mission was to ENsure the return… then we’d get the movie we have now. Wonderful. That’s a nice twenty million tons of mineral ore you’ve got there. Indeed, the Balaji Imperial cigarettes are about the only items that are not corporately branded. This is one of the best posts of any kind I’ve ever read. An impressive essay, with an astounding number of thoughtful comments! Not prolific in terms of numbers, but the attention to detail – nay minutiae – in each posting is outstanding. FEET AND INCHES! The scene where Ripley is searching for Jones on the bridge has a particularly sharp shot of it. All rights reserved. Thanks for the info on the landing graphic! In ’79 I picked up a book, “The book of ALIEN” which also shows some of the shots you show . The game’s menu screens were first rendered in software, then recorded on to VHS video tapes, played on a CRT display, filmed, and imported back into the game.). Absolutely brilliant. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. | Infinitefreetime.com, http://blog.alex4d.com/2012/05/29/interface2037-fcpx-title/, https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/letraset/pump/regular/, A Typographic Journey Through “Alien” | Technology, Social Media, Digital | Digital News Hub, Typeset In The Future | Jerz's Literacy Weblog, An In-Depth Study On The Typography Of ‘Alien’ | CROMEYELLOW.COM, The Typography Of «Alien» - CURATIO Magazine, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrostatic-sensitive_device#mediaviewer/File:ESD_(Susceptible), http://www.chilton-computing.org.uk/acl/applications/animation/p014.htm, http://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~blob/alien.html, http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/52263, http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/52266, http://kottke.org/15/02/the-origin-of-the-joy-divisions-unknown-pleasures-album-cover-art. For some reason, all the times are relative to 10 minutes after everything has been blown up. It wasn’t just 2001 that used faked computer displays, the Apollo mission control displays were all tv feeds from large screens that had information projected onto them. Tremendous work! ” they chose everyday CRT screens rather than high-tech flat screen displays, to match the rest of the Nostromo’s beaten-up kit – but it dates the movie with hindsight.”. Anyway, thanks to my HTC “blink-feed” I found this. It teaches you about the Semiotic inside the ship. And it looks like they did a passable job of getting the relativity correct, too. Ripley’s aversion to synthetic beings and “The Company” aren’t totally developed here. David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective. If we read “flight time” as being “ship-board time”, then it fully makes sense relativistically. It was a Battlestar Galactica prequel spinoff that was unfortunately cancelled, but I really loved the technology and graphics used in the show. ), (ORDERS MUST BE MADE BY 11 AM, PARCELS COLLECTED AT 11:15 AM), Wednesday 9th December - Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America, Far and Middle East, Friday 11th December - Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), Australia, Greece, New Zealand and Turkey, Saturday 12th December - Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA, Wednesday 16th December - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Friday 18th December - Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monday 21st December - First Class Post and Tracked 48, Wednesday 23rd December - Special Delivery. As far as I could find when researching this post, Myanmar still “officially” uses the imperial system. Fantastic job. They work their way from the outside in, everything pointing to the centre. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that this entire credits sequence is going to end up spelling the word ALIEN: Right you are, then. Funny because as a kid I always looked for the little background things myself. Richard: The titles came from the idea of something “unsettling.” It’s disturbing to people to see those little bits of type coming on. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. O how I love your posts. Alien: Typeset In The Future | D_sign | Scoop.it, Check Out This Meticulous Analysis Of The Typography & Graphic Design Used In “ALIEN” | FEELguide | Film, Music, Design, Science, Style, Psychology, and More, Linky Friday #93: Ayn Rand Edition | Ordinary Times, 「iOSとエイリアンのアイコンが酷似している」映画「エイリアン」の文字&アイコンを徹底分析 | ガジェットニュース, Friday Varia and Quick Hits | The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, Weekend long reads (Dec. 5, 2014) | If you don't have anything nice to say, Friday Links: Tis’ing The Season | TechGump. http://www.chilton-computing.org.uk/acl/applications/animation/p014.htm. Mad Max? (We do like a good bit of typographic foreshadowing here at TITF.). Super article, I read it until 5 am. Thomas says: December 1, 2014 at 9:57 pm Dave, Thanks for this! Great job – thanks a lot! We made it to the moon and back using feet and inches! Got another request for you: Caprica Also, the comment on the replies here about the Alien hiding in the refinery is wrong, It never leaves the tug. The screen specifies capacity for ore, not the mass of the ore carried. Kicking things off, here’s the list of Alien movies, in order of their occurrence on the franchise’s timeline. I can’t wait to read Moon & 2001, once I finally watch those movies of course. Maybe it wasn’t full. I managed to track down a second-hand copy of the book, and absolutely loved reading the detail therein. It brings back memories and is a great read. The sparse, soldiering snare drum opens to an almost digital yet organic titling, like the profile of some never before seen hive. The Nostromo‘s production design is a perfect example of used future chic, but shows the challenge of using physical display technology from the 1970s alongside film-based special effects. I could gush profusely about the analysis and unique story commentary that you do for this film, but three words will do: I am a graphic design student who has a deep love of science fiction. Please do one on Aliens when you get the time. I’m not a fan of typography but a fan of detailed film analysis and I really liked reading this. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT ORDERS WILL ARRIVE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS IF YOU ORDER FOR DISPATCH ON THESE LAST POSTING DATES.PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO MAKE YOUR PURCHASE! The Nostromo‘s computers blip into life unexpectedly. I was looking forward to you commenting on what i still think it’s the most awesome sci-fi computer typeface ever conceived. This site feels like it was created just to give me something to read every night before bed. If you take a look at the flight deck of the ship it looks like the ‘split level bridge’ design, P51 in Colorvision. Ridley Scott's Alien was Richard and Robert Greenberg's second major film project as a company, R/Greenberg Associates. This was a very in-depth… thing. I was also curious about the Fox fanfare which ends on the minor note before it goes into the film. There’s an awful lot going on during the credit sequence of Alien3 and not all of it especially explicit. But you have taken the appreciation to a new level. Let’s rejoin Ripley onboard the Nostromo. Star charts are consulted, as they try to work out what’s going on: This screenshot contains not one but four details of note. One comment on the metric system: Burma/Myanmar has announced they are switching to metric. The opening shots of the craft give some tantalizing glimpses of its wall-based iconography: These icons are the work of cinematic design legend Ron Cobb. http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Round_Rects_Are_Everywhere.txt. When editing and compiling Alien Makers VII, Dennis and I selected Microgramma for some of the titles, based on your research. The computer clearly lists its first priority as “INSURE RETURN OF ORGANISM FOR ANALYSIS”… which ought to come as something of a relief. It’s good to read about the work of Ron Cobb. As always, a fantastically fun read! I don’t know what the typeface is exactly, but something close to this http://www.letraset.com/products/404-Data-70/. ( Log Out /  ® LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE is a registered trademark.Website design by Tribe and Last Exit to Nowhere. Thank you. It looks great! We had it right until someone tried to muck it up with their damned SI units. Alien's Ellen Ripley And 8 Other Horror Movie Heroines Who Kicked Ass, Alien's Ridley Scott Seemingly Changes Tune On Future Sequel's Connection With Prometheus, 15 Great Movies Coming To HBO Max In September 2020, Why Dancing With The Stars Should Keep Derek Hough After Season 29, Hulu New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In November 2020. feature interview. First time visiting this site. Kaufman gets down to business immediately with the film’s ambitious and visually expository title sequence. (Before I show you how it looks, I should provide a sizable caveat: I got a lot of grief following my Moon article for spoiling that movie’s central twist. (That name might sound familiar.). A devastatingly entertaining and fascinating read. Truly fascinating and engagingly written, thank you. I used to pause the VHS as study bits of footage. I’m delighted to say that it is now ready to burst forth from my allegorical chest, and to spatter allegorical typographic blood all over your allegorical faces. It was the first award they would present at the Academy Awards just to get it out of the way. This stuff is just too excellent. Hmm. I miss some reference to the “ESD sensitive device” labels placed on a nuclear bomb. Thanks to this truly awful piece of translation, Ripley fails to abort the detonation process in time, and the five-minute countdown to total detonation continues: Although we do cut briefly to a screen that still shows a countdown of over ten minutes: The five minutes to destruction are typographically uninteresting. I’ve just double-checked my original in Photoshop, and the country in red is definitely Myanmar. Not only does it have interesting typography, the plot also involves at least two major failures of UI. In short: this is a localization disaster. One of the more controversial sequels that occupy the Alien movie timeline, Alien 3 takes place right after the events of Aliens. Cheers! http://roncobb.net/film.html#a24 I believe this to be true because the key is situated next to two others with the words “Hum” and “Aum” (Om) printed on them.