See each and every NFL team’s logo. There’s quite a few shapes sticking out from the central figure, but again, my hangup with that is personal preference. The "V" Viking logo you talked about was NOT introduced in 1998. It doesn’t make too much of a statement. The Graphic Designer: I think it is one that would work back then and now. Before they used a feathered Indian head, the Redskins employed an arrowhead from ‘65 to ‘69. The Cowboys have featured a star logo for more than 50 years, but they still experimented with this alternate from 1960 to 1970. seems like it's vanished from history. The ones on sports logos try more to communicate “manliness,” so they remove the dainty ornate features. They were the NFL champions in 1922 and 1923." FanJuicer: So what doesn’t work about this logo? I think the color scheme to an extent makes me feel that this logo is dated. The white teeth and the eyes contrast very well with the darkness of the figure. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. As an avid gamer fan, I just wanted to pop you a brief wordor three to say thanks for placing this nice piece up. He has a strong jaw and facial features, and I really like the implied shape of his shoulder – that creates a nice effect. The modern Saints logo is reminiscent of the old, given the fleur-de-lis centerpiece. I don’t think I realized that until I started comparing all the logos to one another. It can feel a little odd at first glance. This is my favorite Jets logo, used by the team in 1963. I’m not a graphic designer, so it was difficult for me to speculate on why certain logos rose to the top. Firstly, there was no single fanbase overhwelming the sample enough to push the results in their favor. RDB, you're absolutely right. We discussed each logo in a random order, so as not to bias her opinions, but overall she generally agreed with the rankings. I think an effect like that may even help the Colts logo, which is a little too simple, but I’m not sure. That’s why Maxdiff studies like this one are commonly used by big ad agencies and their clients when they have a large number of logo or ad designs and need to choose a few to put into market. Only in the last few years (98 I guess) have they brought the logo back on the field every now and then. These lines give it great flow that create the impression of movement to the eye. The Graphic Designer: The Yankees logo is an example of a very good cipher. You got it! While MaxDiff is a great technique for ranking any long list of items, it particularly shines when it comes to ranking logos. ), and this was their logo from ‘61 to ‘78. That’s partly why I was interested in how NFL fans would rank the logos of the league’s 32 teams. FanJuicer: One criticism I’ve heard is that this doesn’t scream “football.”. Tony, I absolutely agree - good thing some have changed! In this research, a majority (55%) chose a ‘5’ and 35% chose a ‘4’. The NFL’s throwback uniforms prove that, and so do the following logos I deem as the best professional football has ever seen. anyone have an image of the proposed 49ers helmet change from the mid 90's? We upload amazing new content everyday! The letter "E" stands for "Eagles.". A flowing mane and fangs as facial... Wordmark "ARIZONA CARDINALS" in white and the Cardinals primary logo on the state flag of Arizona. The green and white with the yellow outline works great. We received a good amount of participation from every NFL fanbase. The Graphic Designer: It is very manly, which is great for football. Do you get that from this logo? I like the shape of the sparkles, and I do like how they are contained nicely in the round shape, but still, the whole thing is so flat that it doesn’t work. I’ve seen an arrowhead in real life, and I understand this is how they look, but it doesn’t mean it is going to look good in a logo.