The bigger picture is actually the New Age of Aquarius which begins in December 2020 and changes the world from 2023. You teach each other. And I keep my soul and eyes open for any way that I can to give back. I did not enjoy the course and did not settle and moved back home the next year. I feel all at sea except my professional life – guess what – I might be offered an even higher position in Illinois. Now you want to buy a chateau in France and begin again. I was a teenager in 1983 and there was a lot going on. If you were born in the time-frames below, it will change the world, as it also changes your own life. My son was also born on December 17, 1981. And I also check your website daily. If you hit Search and look up Scotland you’ll find the original astrology forecast. You are in a global reshape now through 2020 and 2021 when you will be amazed at the flight bargains, relocation offers, currency exchange swings, new accessibility of rentals (or home exchanges), foreign invitations to work, study or more – and a big karmic decision. Pisces: Your old schooldays, college or university education, unpaid work or full-time career is coming back to you, thematically. But what kind of opportunities should one look for? What can you give back? Florida is part of your past life inheritance, actually, and you have lived there before, perhaps in more than one incarnation. I left for the US from India in 1984 and consider June 4th my independence day from India even though it took me until 1989 to get out of the marriage I never was for. How do I read this? Not having a work-home life balance. Your loves get back up. Sounds so sweet Jessica, thanks a lot for your insights. You can see you have the North Node in Leo in the Fifth House. In the beginning of the year, Saturn in Twelfth House could induce a foreign trip for you. You’ll be set free. Overcoming All Obstacles Yes, the North Node and South Node are always in opposite signs, so in 2001 you were experiencing the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, crossing over your Gemini factors in the Third House, which rules education and communication. Thank you. Thanks Jessica. The South Node return in Sagittarius in 2001-2003 was when I met my husband, married him and we had our first child by January 2003. The problem might be that keeping up your professional and financial status in 2022 will take twice the time and energy that it has in previous years. In that case, where do you see the influence of 1983 in my chart to suggest the return? In my case I have observed that working with the 6th house somehow balances my 12th house also. Hello Jessica, But it would be very hard to control the expenditure of wealth. From May 11th until October 28th, and again at the end of the year, you profit from the beneficial influx of Jupiter in Aries. A doctoral degree fits perfectly with the Node transit in your Ninth House, 2020 and 2021. Karma. Are you suggesting that I might loose my house through divorce. Beginning of the year would be favorable for children’s perspective. After April 13, there are very strong indications for a voyage because of combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Eighth House. Put grains at the site of ants on Wednesday. You have a past life in Egypt and will remember it, likely through dreams, as the Node goes through your Ninth House of foreign countries and foreign cultures and people. Friendships and circles of people which matter most to you are at the heart of this, which unfolds until January 2022. I have a husband and two children 15 and 10 years. Started living together in 2001, but then he moved again due to job posting, until we got back together again in 2003. Thank you! You’ve always managed before, and you will this time as well. We’ll all be looking forward to a new world of learning, online. The trade carve-up and end of money laundering/modern slavery is a key part, sure, but ultimately it’s about ‘form one planet/save the planet’! Uranus in Sagittarius I feel a part of it as I have Uranus conjunct my Sun natally and it’s about to pass over my ascendant at the exact time that my Progressed Moon goes into Aquarius. Nothing to do with sexual relationships. I don’t know why you would dread 2020-2022. This star of expansion offers you the opportunity to develop your plans and ideas. You know that these people are using you, but you also feel they really are in need. Thank you so much Jessica. If you are part of Generation Sagittarius and born with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or the South Node in that sign, you will be among the first to experiment. I did not understand why at the time but it’s now clear. Get ready for some ‘giant leaps’ in space, with women in charge. He will be dead, in jail or have resigned and be facing charges. There is still time. It brought about a change of career and this was when i started working (teaching) with refugees and asylum seekers. All these 1983 stories in your life are about to be retold. My life is in a very different place today. Go on working with full devotion and with courage (Constancy). Uranus in the Twelfth House (if you were asking about the future) predicts radical changes in your relationship with the Universe. On June 24th, 1983, the Space Shuttle Challenger glided to a landing in California, bringing the first American woman in space,  astronaut Sally K. Ride, back to Earth. Your photograph on Twitter. You are living the Sagittarius dream, there, and must feel fulfilled by your life in academia and travel. Sagittarius has nothing to do with money or work. The world is set to change its border control, trade and immigration rules in a radical way, between 2020-2022. If you are ambitious for seeking admission in a high profile institution to have higher education then beginning of the year would be favorable. Madness it all was. You married in 1983 when Saturn and Pluto were both in Libra passing through your Seventh House of marriage, so that’s actually the story in your chart. There is definitely a spiritual connection to the UK. Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Hi Jesssica, A great article. To find out more about your love life, your career, your finances, and more, see your 2022 Horoscope! Hi Jessica, thanks as always for this advance forecast. Laurie, if you still can’t see your chart, please hit Support and we can help you. Nothing to do with your disastrous marriage, but everything to do with globalisation, and you can bet that your work or study in 2020, 2021 and early 2022 will be affected as the South Node corrects situations. Successes will continue to come your way because you’re not afraid of hard work and you’re good at what you do. Aries: Themes around travel, emigration, foreign people and places, publishing, academia and education return. education in an international and multicultural context, and i continued with this work until 2013. Install “Sphatik Shri Yantra” in your house and light a lamp of Ghee in front of it every day. You have your own path to tread, regarding what happened to you, and how to sort that out. I am getting tired of waiting for something that maybe will never happen. I kept the baby despite the doctors opinion that it was too big of a risk to have her after my injuries. I’m not in a relationship with anyone who’s a long term partner material, lol. In 2020-2022 there will be a huge Aussie boomerang effect from that year. This is massive for you! How does this all seem to play out for me? Hi Jessica, I have a stellium of 4 factors in Sagittarius which include Uranus and Neptune! Someone or something is owed by you, or owes you, and the circle will complete on a soul level. It would take you back to the years following the new Millennium, actually. Thanks so much – What does my chart indicate for the next few years? All-female space exploration. The Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House is telling you that you are ‘owed’ karmically – and would benefit from learning. You may also find yourself playing the messenger again, but on a different level. You may travel to, or even move to, the country or region concerned. November 10th, 1995, to January 25th, 2008 Thank you. Too many connections! This is essentially what it’s all about, in the end. New border controls. Watch the rules change, currencies change and incentives alter. I would appreciate your insight from reading my chart. There could be an addition of a family member this year. Toxic relationships have blurred my mind for most of the year (for the first time in years) and honestly I can’t wait for this year to be over. The horoscope 2022 shows that this year, it’s all about change – in a big way! :). As every South Node in Sagittarius cycle is about advances in publishing and the book trade, we’d have to expect push-button paperbacks and eBooks to go to the next level. Will I have to wait 12 years to start study again? Your Moon, Neptune and Ops in the Ninth House, in the sign of Sagittarius, are part of your appearance and image, as well as a statement about who you actually are. Climbing a Mountain without a Safety Line Dear Jessica, I was eight in 1983. Jessica thank you for this insight. Thanks. The South Node of karma will sweep over your Neptune, Minerva and Cupido in the Ninth House, after it changes signs in May 6th 2020 and build in importance until January 18th 2022, with particular focus on Sagittarius Season (late November to late December 2020 and late November to late December 2021). Space itself will become a huge talking point again, as one hit song or album (as big as Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk) sweeps the world. Both work in a loop! I am losing myself and I feel I have nothing to offer to the world. Thank you! This also covers graphic design, advertising, copywriting and so on. The South Node in Sagittarius travelled from 29 degrees of the sign, from March 17th 1983 until it reached 0 Sagittarius on September 11th 1984 and it is of course the sign of the centaur – the half-man, half-pony, with a ponytail literally at the back end.