They can be brown or black with white or yellow bands or stripes. The common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) is a species of natricine snake, which is indigenous to North America and found widely across the continent. A poison is a substance you must swallow... Are There Any Yellow And Black Poisonous Snakes In Oklahoma City, OK? How Do You Know If A Toad Is A Boy Or Girl? There's no such thing as a "poisonous" snake at all. Beware Black Snake With Orange Stripe Stay far away from snakes more than 2 feet long that have a single orange stripe with dark brown or black color pattern along their body. Is This Poisonous? Actually they are really neat looking. What Kind Of Snake Is Black With Yellow Stripes? Common throughout the state. 66 White. Might be a Western Ribbon Snake... See pic.... Black Snake With White Stripes In Arizona, 3' Long. These harmless snakes are common in many habitats throughout the state, typically in areas near water. Garter snakes occupy a variety of habitats including pond and stream edges, wetlands, forests, fields, rocky hillsides and residential areas. If in doubt stay away is pretty sound advice, No what you have there is probably a garter snake. Usually discovered hiding underneath surface objects in moist areas, but sometimes seen crawling in daylight. Here are some related questions which you might be interested in reading. Just was going to say sounds like a king snake to me possibly California King. This is especially difficult without knowing the location it was found in. I Saw A Black Snake With Gold-yellow Stripes, What Is It? Thamnophis sirtalis (18-26", up to 48") Generally, you can recognize this most common of all New England snakes by its pattern of yellow stripes on a black or brown background. Or a rattle for a tail would be a good decider too :),, It is active day and night. If the stripes when along the body, from head to tail rather then around the body from the back to the... What Snake Is Black And Shiny With Yellow Stripes From Head To Tail? Although they feed on a variety of small animals, garter snakes' primary prey are earthworms and amphibians. Generally, you can recognize this most common of all New England snakes by its pattern of yellow stripes on a black or brown background. Sounds like a garter snake to me, but without knowing where you live this is as close as I can get to... Is A Black Snake With Yellow Rings Around His Body Poisonous? Garter snakes generally mate after emerging from hibernation in March or April. How do i go about getting my ex girlfriend back? This harmless snake is common throughout most of California. How Do You Remove Hard Silly Putty From A White Shirt? This harmless snake is common in southern California and less common in the San Joaquin Valley and foothills, and is active during the day. A garter snake will occasionally appear more checkered than striped.