The Glasgow side, virtually the Scottish international team, started out as favourites but were outplayed in the second half by the Rovers who had the crowd on their side. As you know, the Olympic were that year particularly strong and our great victory is to be accounted for that we played upon our own ground and that the hard training they had been undergoing had begun to have its effect upon them by the time we met them. In the second half the game swung in Villa's favour and they took the lead when the West Bromwich goalkeeper made no attempt to save a shot from Hodgetts, thinking he was offside. Reginald Halsey Birkett, playing in goal for the Rovers, became the first player to be capped for England in both football and rugby union. Coached by former England player, Jack Hunter, Blackburn beat Lower Darwen 9-1 in the second round of the competition. Olympic hatte aufgrund finanzieller Probleme zunehmend Mühe, mit der Konkurrenz mitzuhalten, insbesondere mit den Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn Olympic 2 Old Etonians 0 (Extra Time played) venue Kennington Oval date 31 March 1883 . With the game scoreless after 90 minutes, Olympic showed superior stamina (they were the first team to train specifically for their cup ties) and scored twice in extra time. In 1882, Blackburn Rovers became the first provincial team to reach the final of the FA Cup. They would later blame this change from their usual outfit for their defeat. Despite their formidable reputation, Rovers could not beat the well-prepared Etonians, playing in new "harlequin" tops and captained by Alfred Kinnaird (who played as usual in long trousers) in his eighth final. Before it cricket pales and croquet hides it insipid head; quoits and bowls become elderly and suburban and even lawn tennis is a feeble pastime of sunshine and flirtation. The 1881 final between Old Carthusians (left) and Old Etonians was the lasted contested by public school teams. The replay took place in Derby, the first time that the final had been played outside London. It was a very hard match indeed and in the end we were defeated by two goals to one. Blackburn Olympic now went into decline and in September 1889, their rented ground was taken over by the Blackburn Railway Clerks Club. Der Blackburn Olympic Football Club war ein englischer Fußballverein aus der Stadt Blackburn. Football reports were eagerly read and during the last ten years nearly all the cheap popular papers devoting special attention to this branch of sport have been started. With the game scoreless after 90 minutes, Olympic showed superior stamina (they were the first team to train specifically for their … A record crowd of 12,000 watched an unprecedented international final, the climax of a competition that attracted 101 entries. The FA Cup went north for the first time but it was the unknown working men's team of Olympic rather than the former grammar school boys of Rovers that achieved the honour. Blackburn Olympic F.C. We did not send over our strongest team, I ought to say, while the Cup-holders were in splendid form and the captain, Jack Hunter, played a grand game. The fitter Blackburn Olympic began to take control of the game in the second-half and Arthur Matthews scored a well-deserved equalizer. Intense competition led to players being poached by one club from another and financial inducements, forbidden by the FA's strict rules on amateurism, became commonplace. was an English association football club based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the late 19th century. With 55 entrants, the competition was extended to six rounds (including the semi-finals) and the final moved back into April. Nachdem Blackburn Olympic Anfang 1889 sämtliche Profispieler entlassen musste, löste sich der Verein schließlich im September 1889 aufgrund hoher Schulden auf. The town also had several small clubs and in August 1877, Black Star and James Street joined forces to establish Blackburn Olympic. After Preston beat Hyde FC from Manchester 26-0 the previous season, the FA Cup was restructured into a qualifying competition and the competition proper. As Marc Keech pointed out in the Encyclopedia of British Football : "This was the first recorded occasion of sustained systematic training, with players leaving home for a period of time to live communally.". Blackburn Rovers was established in November 1875. With 434 consecutive victories under their belt, Proud Preston were confident that they would easily beat Albion. While Blackburn Olympic’s story remains in the history books, it is absent from our common consciousness. Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. Blackburn Olympic decided to enter the FA Cup in 1882-83. In a remarkable turn of events, the 1885 final was a repeat of the previous year's. Although the club was only in existence for just over a decade, it is significant in the history of football in England as the first club from the north of the country and the first from a working-class background to win the country's leading competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA … Zudem waren die Spieler von Blackburn Olympic 1883 die ersten Fußballprofis überhaupt. Over 8,000 people arrived at the Kennington Oval to watch Blackburn Olympic play Old Etonians in the final. The new breed of clubs built enclosed grounds, charged admission and were run for profit. A record 23,000 spectators saw the Lancashire side beat Wolves, making their first appearance, by a comfortable margin. Their success proved to be the seed of their downfall, however, as their best players were poached the following season by their rivals and in 1889, Olympic closed down. The club was funded by Sidney Yates, the owner of a local iron foundry. Am meisten Zuschauer, rund 10.000, zählte man im November 1884 bei einem Spiel gegen Preston North End. If anyone was going to challenge the public school old boys who still dominated the game, it would surely be Blackburn Rovers. At the start of 1882-83, Blackburn Olympic weren’t even the best team in Blackburn. Once again. From Glasgow to London will believers journey and doubtless from Dan to Beersheba should football permeate Palestine. However, they lost to the Scottish side, Queen's Park in the semi-final. Hunter, who also played at centre-half for Olympic, led his team to a 4-0 victory over Old Carthusians in the semi-final of the competition. The FA awarded Blackburn a silver shield to commemorate their achievement in winning the competition for the third time in succession. [7] Als William McGregor 1888 die Football League gründete, ließ er nur einen Verein je Stadt zu und entschied sich im Falle Blackburns für die Rovers. Als ehemalige Arbeiter verdienten sie nun mit dem Fußballspielen ihr Geld. Special reporters take football in hand and columns are written about it daily. Er war der erste Verein aus dem Norden und der erste aus dem Arbeitermilieu, der die wichtigste Trophäe des Landes gewann, den FA Cup. After 17 minutes of extra time, Thomas Dewhurst ran at the defence, centred the ball to Jimmy Costley, who volleyed the ball past the goalkeeper. Er bewog die Football Association dazu, zwei Jahre später den Fußball ganz für Profispieler zu öffnen und dadurch eine Spaltung des Verbandes zu verhindern. Rovers appeared in their third successive final and were nearly beaten by strong West Brom side. … Blackburn dominated the game and ran out comfortable winners. In 1888 the Football League was formed and members have enjoyed a monopoly of the FA Cup (with one notable exception) ever since. They beat both Old Wykehamist and Northwich Victoria 9-1. The second part of the game was full of excitement and we made a desperate effort to avoid the defeat, but could not succeed in scoring. Zwar existierte der Verein lediglich von 1878 bis 1889, doch hat er für die Geschichte des Fußballs in England eine große Bedeutung. With the participation of the working class, both as players and spectators, the game ceased to be the exclusive pursuit of the genteel upper and middle classes and became a mass spectator sport. At a late encounter in these parts the ladies stood five deep in the enclosure and evinced the most lively interest in the tremendous 'kicktip' that was going on. West Brom made their second appearance in the first all-Midlands final but were unable to overcome a rugged Villa defence.