When comparing the codecs on the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K vs 4.6K we found that ProRes generally gives us exceptional results. Plus URSA Broadcast is perfect for web broadcasters because it works with both older after market HD lenses and inexpensive photo lenses. We saw that the dynamic range of the URSA Mini 4.6K is similar to the FS7. So, the fact that raw is not really much more use than Prores is quite a disappointment indeed.On the topic of raw noise reduction, you can send the uncompressed raw files through an Adobe-based product, that, in my opinion, has much better raw-specific noise reduction, sharpening, hsl and other tools than you cannot easily use with compressed files like Prores. The evenly weighted camera body is made from lightweight, robust magnesium alloy. There is also a 12 pin Hi‑rose connector for controlling servo zoom lenses. It’s easy to switch to another language so you can share your camera with other crew when traveling to locations worldwide! That is because I did not touch colors. You can use the Resolve Live feature to grade live pictures direct from the camera. URSA Broadcast features a super strong, lightweight magnesium alloy body that’s perfectly balanced and designed to be comfortable enough for all day use. It’s like getting a built in Blackmagic Video Assist with your camera! Both Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera models feature a mini XLR input with 48 volts of phantom power for connecting professional microphones such as lapel mics and booms. I wouldn’t use 1600 unless I could expose to the right in poor lighting conditions. Whether you’re shooting a sporting event or breaking news story, URSA Broadcast can shoot super smooth, crystal clear slow motion video. Now you can dramatically improve the production value of your work by using digital film! The front and top of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features record start/stop and still photo buttons along with dedicated controls for iris, ISO, white balance and shutter speed. In my opinion the reference to other cameras is most important.And regarding your point about detail in the yarn shots: I do not agree. Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Digital Cinema Camera. Because the lens mounts are easy to change, you can also quickly reconfigure cameras from job to job. Camera body without sensor, features an HDMI 4K input with mounting plate to connect any HDMI camera for URSA quality recording, monitoring, audio And timecode. The built in 4 inch fold out touchscreen on URSA Mini Pro is a bright, high resolution color display with a wide viewing angle that makes it perfect for monitoring and reviewing shots on set! A separate SDI output is available for attaching external viewfinders And eye pieces.