The term “heat storm” is a relatively new term in the climate debate. Flash Flood Watches have also been posted there as well as parts of the Heartland from Missouri to Kentucky. [Climate Depot note: Climate Central did not use the term “heat storm” in its report. There’s even data and a map for it: Stagnation When Heat Waves Exist – Summer, 1950-2007. According to the Los Angeles Times, these (fictional) “heat storms” are now impacting California. For much of the eastern half of the nation, the weather story continues to be summer storms. Other than Star Wars, I have never heard the term applied in my over 30 years forecasting in California until today. I don’t know where this “definition” came from, and the Wikipedia article has no basis or citation/reference for it. It was 80 or 90 at night.”, Update: Meteorologist Anthony Watts Responds: You’ve heard of ‘fake news’? Full definition of the Star Wars fictional “heat storm” definition from is as follows: “A heat storm was a natural occurrence that frequently raged across Ryloth’s sun-baked day side. NOAA does not list the term “heat storm” in their official glossary. In Roth’s LA Times bio, he brags that he is a climate activist who’s “focus” is on helping “reduce planet-warming emission more quickly.”, “For six years, I’ve focused on telling stories that challenge public officials and energy companies to reduce planet-warming emissions more quickly,” Roth explains. We’re going to do the best we can to be there physically, if not virtually,” said Brooks. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Update: Meteorologist Anthony Watts comments: “It’s a ridiculous made-up term, because “storm” implies something active and moving. Heat storms occur when the temperature reaches 100 °F (37.8 °C) for three or more consecutive days over a wide area (tens of thousands of square miles).”. State Senator Kel Seliger will host his annual town hall meetings for District 31 virtually this year. “We got a lot of phone calls during it and after it and even into the evening. Another round of dust is expected to arrive later this week, however, this round is looking less impressive overall and is likely to remain confined to the Gulf Coast. Flashback 2019 Wired Mag: ‘China’s Social Credit System’ – Compared to ‘Big Brother & every other dystopian future…the reality is…in some ways, worse’, California’s energy nightmare is coming to Virginia, Former Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy: insanely suggests we can ‘see & feel and taste’ CO2-induced climate change, ‘Dirty little secret’: Warmist Harvard Prof. Schrag finally admits: ‘Even if we could become carbon-neutral tomorrow, the climate will keep changing for thousands of years, the ice sheets will keep melting, & the seas will continue to rise’, This sh*t is going to kill us’: Harrison Ford slams leaders who make climate change a ‘divisive issue’, Pennsylvania governor tramples legislators to impose carbon taxes, UN Contradicts Its Own Data to Promote Weather Disaster Alarm, Climate activists blame ‘petro-masculinity’ for being ‘a driving force behind climate denial’, Exposing the Eco-Activists’ ‘Greening’ of Pennsylvania in 2020, Biden Can’t Have it Both Ways on Paris Climate Accord – Pact is ‘one of primary tools with which China is gaming the system’, The Great Energy Non-Transition: Fossil fuels still more than 80% of global energy despite Trillions spent on expensive, unreliable energy, Watch: Aussie Scientist Dr. Jennifer Marohasy: ‘Experts can’t see anything ‘unusual about current rate or magnitude’ of climate change’, Climate Indoctrination: Turning Kids’ Grey Matter a Mushy Green, ‘Today, we live some 100 times better than did our ancestors at the end of the 18th century’. Any slow moving storm will continue to bring the risk of flash flooding over the next 24 to 36 hours. Wikipedia says (under the heat wave definition), “A heat storm is a Californian term for an extended heat wave. In Utah, The Knolls fire near Saratoga Springs has burned 2000 acres and is 0% contained. Excerpts of LA Times introducing the term “heat storms” in their October 15, 2020 article. By: Marc Morano - Climate DepotOctober 15, 2020 1:04 PM with 0 comments, The Los Angelos Times employed a new phrase designed to gin up climate fear among the public — the rise of the “heat storm.” LA Times staff writer Sammy Roth,  used a term associated with the fictional Star Wars film series three times in his article titled “Boiling Point.” See: LA Times: Boiling Point: Climate change is wreaking havoc on the power grid in ways you never knew, LA Times Staff Writer Sammy Roth –  ( [email protected] ). AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Friday’s hail storm in Potter and Randall Counties was declared a catastrophic event, meaning over 500 insurance claims were made in each county. June 29, 2020, 1:15 PM ... elevated to critical fire danger will persist another day for a large part of the West from California to Kansas. We’ve had our guys out on the streets all day today inspecting roofs, and we expect to see quite a few more,” said Jed Hudson, owner of Hudson Brothers Roofing. Due to the high demand of claims, a team of appraisers will be assisting the local offices in Amarillo.