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Lay out your materials (card stock, construction paper, glitter, stickers, Give your students a list of books to theme their project around, Supervise their tables and ask them questions about the book they chose as their theme, Set a collective goal the class must reach in order to receive an award (like a pizza day), Put them head-to-head in a bid to see who can read the most over a set period, A blend of the two; set an overall goal with tiered rewards for top readers (usually small rewards like a few bonus points of extra credit), Write down events and/or plot points of the story on note cards, Hand them out to your students (one for each or split them into groups), Give them time to discuss the sequence of events between each other, Have them line up in the correct order to show they understand the plot, Gather a bunch of funny or weird pictures and/or text prompts (in the age of social media, places like Twitter and Reddit are great resources), List out genres, one for each prompt (repeats are okay), Put them into separate receptacles (a hat, a bin, an empty fish bowl, whatever), Have each student take a prompt and genre, Set a time to let them write (10 minutes sound good? With this theme in mind, we encourage all early childhood centers and family day care homes, to help spread the love of reading and the importance of literacy by participating in a garden-themed approach. And, it’s a fun way to get the talking about what was read. After all, you don’t want any spills. Maybe your neighborhood wants to find a way to contribute to the international community. We say "contest," but it doesn’t need to be a competition. He's also the Founder of Pharmacy School HQ, which helps students get into pharmacy school and become residents. Yes, I want to be notified when there are new posts! to spread the word online. The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits. They can write poems, stories, songs, whatever they want in their journal. Connect with them to find adults in your community who want to improve their literacy skills. 2019 Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! Once everyone’s done, read them aloud over your chat client of choice. Keeping books around your household helps in encouraging your family to read. Increasing reading comprehension helps society as a whole. As they prepare their letters, they have to think through what they want to tell their pen pal and how to say it. Pair off each of them. Then, bring in some books you want to donate and encourage your students to do the same. Find more literacy resources for families in our Online Resources section. "@type": "WebPage", Let’s take the pen pal scene national. There are many ways to get involved and raise awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy at school and beyond. "datePublished": "2020-08-18T14:16:21+0000", Gotta keep them honest, after all. This way, everyone has something they can be excited about. CELEBRATE LITERACY WEEK, FLORIDA! The 2019 theme is "Spreading Literacy, One View at a Time." We have activities and ideas for you and your family in easy-to-print pages! and organize the group. This week I’ll share some activities that we have done as a whole school and a few more I have done in my classroom. Otherwise, you might run into “out of sight, out of mind” problems. ILD is a great time to start your own pen pal program for your students. FAX: 604.681.3006, Suite 980 - 1125 Howe Street Vancouver, B.C. Literacy Week. Pharmacy Week is a time to reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate one of the best professions in health care. Placing letters and numbers on the walls helps build recognition. | Reach out to them to see if they’re willing to speak on their works. Anything that catches someone’s eye and informs them of your club and meeting dates will work. But, you may be looking for other ways to push the kids and build on their developing grasp on reading. Bring in some toys or related items to the stories you plan on reading. And, to find new and clever ways to improve world literacy rates. Literacy is important because it affects almost every aspect of your daily life. They don’t need to be elaborate; some construction paper, markers, glue, and glitter would do. Not only do the kids practice their literacy skills, but they also get to learn about someone else. Coordinate with library staff to find out what steps you need to take. While you might have the best intentions, you might offend someone. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of BC. The idea starts off with children selecting a favorite book or character and sharing it with the class in a variety of ways. For example, children may gather in circles and state the phrase, "We love literacy by Dr. Here are a few ideas you can use this coming International Literacy Day and after. For Teachers: Engage Your Classroom It can be hard to come up with fun and exciting activities to make literacy fun. Bring snacks and beverages. You can even find a public space and hold an event for your drive. Remember, we have plenty of giant paper in the library's middle workroom for you to decorate with! What do you think this scene symbolizes if anything? For example, get some small toy fruit and a caterpillar if you plan on reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But, it all boils down to setting up letters and giving the kids a way to interact with them. And, to help, here are a few literacy activities for kindergartners you can try. Then, put out the word to your community. International Literacy Day is celebrated annually worldwide on 8 September and is an occasion to mark literacy achievements and reflect on ways to counter remaining literacy challenges. International Literacy Day, a global celebration of literacy and its importance to individuals, communities and societies, is this week (Sept. 8).While celebrations take place all around the world, we have decided to celebrate it right here on our blog by sharing literacy activities for the classroom. The day is meant to showcase and remind the world of the importance of literacy. The first student each day to come down to the library and guess the correct person will win a small prize. Gather your family members and have them read a chapter or section from their book of choice. Literacy week ideas for kids-Celebrate Read Across America week by having your students give an author a gift! International Literacy Day is the perfect time to start a book club. Stick letters to a wall and have them toss a small ball at them. While this is a good angle to take as it encourages public speaking as well, I’d also say to twist it into more of a writing prompt.