We teach you how to do thousands of exercises! The focus of each lift should be about feeling the movement taking place in the target muscle groups. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Day 2 Legs. It would be perfect for someone looking to add lean muscle mass. Visit daily to get your latest order(s) for a rock bottom price. Vince advised advanced lifters to rest for 15 seconds between sets and intermediate lifters to rest for 30 seconds. vImage.style = 'display: none'; It would be perfect for someone looking to add lean muscle mass. Please guide. If you are sure that you're eating in a caloric surplus then try adding an extra set to each of your exercises and really tap your muscles out, stay intense. Total concentration is key in order to isolate the targeted muscles for maximum contraction. This program would be perfect to run for about 8 weeks before taking a week to deload and reassess your goals. Learn how to cook delicious healthy meals and snacks! var isError = false; When he is not sat at the computer guzzling down the nearest thing with protein in it, he can be found pulling up the world in the gym. Ultimately though, each of us respond differently to different routines so give this one a shot and see how you get on. Join over 500k subscribers who receive weekly workouts, diet plans, videos and expert guides from Muscle & Strength. I usually keep my calories the same throughout the week. Personally, I’d recommend pyramiding up and then pyramiding back down after set 5 or so. Still was tremendous. It is worth pointing out that some of the exercises mentioned above may not be suitable for you based on the equipment you may have available at your gym or risk of injury for that matter. It is expected that you will stop at either the 6th or 7th rep when just starting out. Glad you like the workouts. Or leave in surplus? The link takes us to Tricep dips. The 8×8 workout is a ridiculously difficult yet highly effective routine. Enjoy the burn! Build muscle, lose fat & stay motivated. CheckMeowt is updated daily with the latest discount codes and vouchers from some of the UK's biggest health and fitness brands. A few of his outlandish exercises included bench pressing to the neck, sissy squats, the pectoral chin-up (touching your mid to lower chest to the chin-up bar), drag curls and many more. Hi Josh, Vince was also a pivotal figure in the “golden era” of bodybuilding during the 1960’s where relatively unknown amateur bodybuilders and rising stars would train under his unorthodox tutelage and soon go on to be champions in their own right. The course will teach you how your body builds muscle, how to utilize workout plans on our website to maximize muscle growth, how to eat to build muscle, how to supplement to build muscle and how to track your progress. It is reported that Vince developed numerous adaptions of his workout program based on an individual’s personal needs (he was a coach after all). 8×8 training should be avoided at all costs if you are a complete novice to weightlifting, although intermediate to advanced lifters will definitely benefit the most from this system. We’d love to hear what you have to say! For those of you looking to build lean muscle mass, utilizing this routine that focuses heavily on high volume may be exactly what you need to kick start the growth process. Vince Gironda’s workout is not for the faint of heart. Aside from that this one has been good. In my opinion, Vince Gironda’s training routine is extremely useful when you are performing compound movements to get maximum results in the shortest amount time. Ervin Capestany November 25, 2017. 3 months is still very much a beginner level. It is recommended to pair it with a phase in your training where you are in a caloric surplus to gain the most benefit. Yes, most programs can be used for either goal. On rest days do something to promote recovery. You’ll likely realize quickly that this program is as much of a test of your cardiovascular system as it is a test of your muscular endurance. Join 500,000+ newsletter subscribers! errorString = 'Please enter your email address'; This is in part due to the modest weights used and the sheer amount of muscle density and thickness one can build on the muscle(s) being targeted. If you want to try and gain some size whist staying lean this is the workout for you. Neither program is necessarily better or worse than the other. The related 6x6 workout routine is an intermediate version of the same program. Can I still add an extra workout day specifically for my arms? Again thank you so much for your effort However, in doing so, try your best to maintain some of the similar movement patterns listed. But, it depends on the person. If you are feeling like a total bad ass, Vince also suggested that intermediate lifters should perform this routine once per day, advanced lifters twice per day and pro lifters 3 times per day. All brand, store and retailer trademarks and logos advertised on this site do not belong to checkmeowt.co.uk and are the sole property of their respective owners. Eating enough is my main culprit. I've been following your routine for 5 weeks now, thank you for that. Lying in the mist and murkiness of the bodybuilding world lies an age old workout so beautifully crafted, it is nicknamed ‘the honest’ workout. On the “off” days I do light cardio and biceps. Sorry for asking too much Muscle & Strength, LLC this is my version that i'm currently running: Day 1 Back/Triceps. Do you have an 8x8 workout routine fo fullbody. var emailAddress = frm.Email.value; Because of availability, I lifted Mon., Tue., Thur., and Sat., and swam on Wed. and Fri. Rumour has it that Vince Gironda once threw a guy out of his gym for performing sit-ups arguing that regular crunches do not contribute to the development of abdominal muscles. So, day 3 on Wed and day 4 on Thursday. Pro bodybuilders would often use Vince Gironda’s workout on certain muscles that were lagging behind and would perform isolation exercises to bring them up to scratch. //-->. Day 2 Legs. I workout anywhere between 19:00 - 22:00 hrs, and I have my dinner by 18:00hrs. this is my version that i'm currently running: Day 1 Back/Triceps. Not many of today’s young trainees know of Vince Gironda. Usually I workout in the morning, so i was thinking to hit the gym on Wednesday night just to give sone extra time for recovery since Tuesday am workout. My goal is fat loss and weight loss. Conventional gym wisdom would have you that building muscle and losing fat at the same time is a cryptic myth. ... Don't compromise your results by fiddling around with your music or talking to your friends between sets for minutes on end. You're welcome! However, as highlighted earlier, Vince Gironda’s workout is only used for cosmetic purposes in order to correct muscular imbalances. What are your thoughts on the 8×8 workout? It is recommended to pair it with a phase in your training where you are in a caloric surplus to gain the most benefit. Weight selection will be highly individual based on the person performing the program. He was a man responsible for introducing such revolutionary exercises and routines into the field of bodybuilding that if you were not performing the 8×8 workout, you would simply be blown out of the water by those who were. “To attain larger muscles, you must increase the intensity of work done within a given amount of time.”. Learn how real people made their transformations! I feel they're a bit lagging and would like to develop them more. We have dedicated “bulking” and “cutting” seasons during certain intervals of the year which further cements this commonly held belief. var errorString = ''; Also included are two 3 x 10 exercises that are more minor body part oriented that I felt were important to train during this particular program. That should be plenty. Learn how to build muscle, burn fat & stay motivated. Having found out the above some 8 months ago, I knew it would be stupid to not give the 8×8 workout  a shot! This can be SMR, mobility work, low intensity cardio, or a combination of the three. recommended ideal diet plan for this workout? I too, was one of those critics at one point who thought it simply wasn’t possible to grow as big as an ox and be as chiseled as a raccoon. Can you run on treadmill before starting weighting or straight after the weightlifting. For example i would like to add 1 more excersise for every muscle ! Let us know in the comment section below. You are more than welcome to combine a cardio regimen with this workout routine. Great program. Hey Steve - it's recommended to follow the program as written. document.getElementById('body').appendChild(vImage); Josh is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT), holds a specialization in women’s specific health & fitness (WFS) and a specialization in fitness nutrition (FNS), and has his eyes set on becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) next. The high amounts of volume involved will also plough through a lot of calories, so don’t expect vast amounts of muscular growth – but naturally you will get bigger if you perform it correctly. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. "Keep to 8 X 8 and your muscle fiber will plump out, giving you a solid mass of muscle density as a result… Vince Gironda’s 8x8 workout routine is an advanced bodybuilding routines designed to shock your muscles into growth. It is understandable that not all exercises are intended to be performed by everyone. I really appreciate your work by posting such an amazing workouts to help people reach up their work, my question is i have been working for more than 4 years now so does this programm suits me? Vince Gironda’s 8×8 Workout Review – Image Credit: ditillo2.blogspot.co.uk. … Vince called it the "honest workout " because of the pure muscle fiber size that can be achieved on it. Utilize this time to change out weights and catch your breath. Program Summary. The 8×8 workout should not be performed any longer than 3 weeks and should be followed by 1 deload week. At the time of starting my training on this program, I could not find an exact source but the following link from Old School Trainer had the most complete/descriptive collection of information regarding Vince's thoughts and comments on the 8x8 protocol that I could find (albeit all unsourced). Are the dips Tricep or Chest? Everyones body is different, use what works for you. A lot of isolation movements are also incorporated into the program to assist with the total amount of fatigue one can expect to experience when performing an 8 x 8 program. [CDATA[// >