In order to register for World's Fastest Marathon, you must sign up for one of the tour packages. For all its magnitude, the accomplishment will be regarded largely as a symbolic one. It's also about enjoying time together with family, friends and other running-minded spirits. Visit the balcony of Europe in seaside Nerja and walk the winding streets of the "White City," Frigiliana. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. After crossing the finish line, Kipchoge jumped into the arms of his wife, Grace, and children. Read here about our wonderful sponsors, partners, and suppliers - and how you can be one of them. Kipchoge ran the fastest time ever over the marathon distance, but for heated reasons that get at the heart of the sport, he did not run a marathon. ], Challenge Your Core With an Exercise Ball Circuit, Record Performances at World Half Championshps, What Women Need to Know About Running Safe, The Adidas SL20 Delivers Speed on a Budget, These Are the World’s Fastest Half Marathoners, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 104.61. Explore whitewashed coastal towns, take a trial run down a mountain road, or tour one of the crown jewels of the Andalucía region: the Alhambra. At predetermined times, the seven pacemakers would make way for another group of seven to slide in and take over. One hour, 59 minutes, and 40.2 seconds after Eliud Kipchoge set off from the Reichsbrücke bridge on Saturday morning, the 34-year-old Kenyan bounded to … It's also about enjoying time together with family, friends and other running-minded spirits. On April 10, 1896, Spiridon Louis of Greece won the first Olympic marathon in At… In becoming the first person to cover the marathon distance in less than two hours, Kipchoge, 34, achieved a sports milestone granted almost mythical status in the running world, breaking through a temporal barrier that many would have deemed untouchable only a few years ago. At 8:15 a.m., after a three-hour wait that he called “the hardest time ever in my life,” he set out from the Reichsbrücke, a picturesque bridge spanning the Danube, and charged across a stretch of downhill road that led him into the park. VIENNA — On a misty Saturday morning in Vienna, on a course specially chosen for speed, in an athletic spectacle of historic proportions, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya ran 26.2 miles in a once-inconceivable time of 1 hour 59 minutes 40 seconds. “Berlin was about running a world record,” Kipchoge said this past week. “Together, when we run, we can make this world a beautiful world,” Kipchoge said after finishing. Eliud Kipchoge Breaks Two-Hour Marathon Barrier. ), [Want to run your next PR? Below you’ll find tables detailing several marathon superlatives: Note that we said “on record-eligible courses.” That’s why Eliud Kipchoge’s 1:59:40 in Vienna isn’t on the list from 2019. In the all-new World’s Fastest Marathon, runners will dash down a paved route that makes a sweeping, serpentine-like descent through the Sierra Nevada mountains into the historic city of Granada. He ran behind an electric timing car driving 4:34 per mile (with a second car on standby) and with his flock of rotating pacesetters (35 on the course, six on reserve) who happened to include some of the best distance runners in the world, including former world and Olympic gold medalists like Bernard Lagat and Matthew Centrowitz. The actual distance for pre-1921 races frequently varied slightly from the present figure of 42.195 km (26 miles 385 yards). REVEL Mt. Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Organizers billed the two-hour mark as “the last barrier of modern athletics” and tried to get a hashtag, #nohumanislimited, trending on social media. the 10 fastest marathoners in history on record-eligible courses; the 10 fastest American marathoners in history on record-eligible courses; the 10 fastest performances on record-eligible courses; the progression of the world records since 1988. Eliud Kipchoge’s 1:59:40 in Vienna isn’t on the list. Get a taste of what awaits on the race course! (All tables are current as of October 4, 2020. Check here for current and past years race results. The third set of tables, for fastest performances in history, allows for a runner to appear more than once. In 2017, in a similar event organized by Nike, he ran a 2:00:25 marathon around an auto racetrack in Monza, Italy. Find all the important practical information about the race. Dive deep into Spain - read about its history, culture, and, of course, the wine. Check here for press guides, media galleries, and contact information. Browse a collection of spectacular photos from our Spanish destinations. Get all the answers to your questions right here. “The pressure was very big on my shoulders,” said Kipchoge, who revealed he had received a call from President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya the night before the run. The most comprehensive list of travel partners who offer World's Fastest Marathon packages with flights. Marathon races were first held in 1896, but the distance was not standardized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) until 1921. To his normal preparations he added workouts focused on core strength in order to lessen the strain on his hamstrings. With a nearly 100% downhill route (less than 1km is without decline), an altitude drop of 1,938 meters (6,358 feet) and a total average descent of 4.6%, this race will keep your legs light and feet flying toward the finish line… FAST. Las Vegas, NV. Humans are instinctively hardwired to innovate, optimize, question the impossible – to push the limit. In Vienna, the Kenyan achieved a milestone once believed to be unattainable. 20.96% Elevation. Each marathoner appears on the first list, for the fastest performers in history, only once. Similarly, Geoffrey Mutai’s Boston Marathon course record of 2:03:03 isn’t on the list. Kipchoge — who wore a white singlet, white sneakers (Nikes, as of yet unreleased to the public, built around a carbon-fiber plate) and white sleeves on his arms — had immense support. The one-stop shop for all your media-related needs. Tour one of the most renowned sights in Spain: The Alhambra. Learn everything you need to know about the race itself. He ran the final stretches of the marathon with his lips curled into a gentle smile. “You could have had a bad day. Why run it: If you want a … Down the final stretch, as it was clear that the milestone was easily in reach, the pacesetters, timing car and accompanying cyclists all peeled away, leaving Kipchoge alone to soak in the shouts and applause of the crowd. Portions of the road were painted with lines to highlight the fastest possible path. He arrived in Austria on Tuesday, but the exact start date for the attempt was not finalized until the following day, and the precise start time was not settled until Friday afternoon. At Albatros Adventure Marathons, our passion for pushing the limit, sharing great experiences, and achieving something extraordinary led us to originate the “adventure marathon” concept 20 years ago. - - - -. Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. What materialized on Saturday was perhaps the most finely tuned, carefully orchestrated marathon-length run in history. How we test gear. Like all Albatros Adventure Marathons, the World's Fastest Marathon is designed to be more than just a race. For Kipchoge, the feat merely burnished his credentials as the world’s greatest marathoner. That time doesn’t count for record purposes because standard competition rules for pacing and fluids weren’t followed. The World's Fastest Marathon is more than just a marathon - it's a journey through Spain!