Weird I’m at Morgan junction and don’t see anything. December brings the worst of winter weather to Seattle, Washington. The City of Seattle finally realized that it needs to salt its roadways, because nothing else it was using worked. Sorry, don’t have the links right now, but he also has a neat weather blog. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. The numbers are for the total amount of new snow and how many days it snows at least 0.1 inches (0.25 centimetres) this month. December is the coldest month overall for Seattle and the 20th and 21st are its chilliest days. Update To … 4 AM: Some areas got notable snow – like Alki (Robert Spears‘ photo, above, taken just before 1 am, and this one from Pelicans south of Alki Point) –. Humidity The temperature, precipitation and sunshine numbers here are historical averages based on climate data gathered at Seattle's Husky Stadium, located near downtown Seattle at the University of Washington … View all G Adventures offers, Metric (°C / mm)  |  Imperial (°F / inches). The second question I tend to get is does it snow in Seattle, and the answer is yes. 11:07 PM: More reports – it’s continuing to spread southward. All contents copyright 2020, A Drink of Water and a Story Interactive. December is among the stormiest of months for Seattle. Best hand creams for dry palms and cracked knuckles. Seattle’s winter weather is limited greatly by the Pacific Ocean, where temperatures stay fairly even throughout the year. A December storm in Seattle usually means heavy rain and only rarely snow. AccuWeather School: One scary-looking cloud that also has a very unique name. It gets lighter the further south you go. I’ve actually been here 35 years and have seen a wide range of weather prediction fails and extreme hype. NOAA's 1981-2010 Climate Normals. Seattle’s official snowfall records were taken at Sea-Tac Airport from 1945 through the winter of 1995-96, and again from the winter of 2004-05 onward. It’s the norm here, not the exception. There is a light dusting on some car roofs, but that is all. It’s very spotty and hard to forecast. Every night from now through Christmas Eve, December 24, Pacific Place is celebrating the holiday season with a whole flurry of fun. Noisy flakes/graupel in Belvidere, not heavy. I drove through Mukilteo and Lynnwood at 5:30pm and it was a mess: several inches of snow that had somehow stuck to the main roads at 34 degrees. Still, most nights don't freeze and most Decembers never see snow. Only a few miles south it was 41 degrees and dry. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Washington in December. An extremely powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake caused a tsunami with a height of 2.3 feet to hit part of the coast of Alaska on Monday and was followed up by several strong aftershocks. Better off with the Farmer’s Almanac. Time for another cloud scavenger hunt at AccuWeather School. Just took the dog out for a walk in the California/Charlestown area. Never saw a flake here in Arbor Heights. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. There are usually 18 days with some rain in Seattle in December and the average monthly rainfall is 151mm. Really? 2-3” accumulated snow at Alki/61st/Admiral Way. You can jump directly to data and descriptions for: Temperature So nice and quiet and beautiful…. You can jump directly to data and descriptions for: Temperature Precipitation Snow Sun Humidity Wind Storms. Even a few flakes are better than nothing, but only time will tell!