But to what extent is not. I just knew. Ian got out through a hole in the fence and he assumed Joe was with him. As we got to the goal there was an absolute sea of people. But the police wouldn't let the ambulances on to the pitch. Michael had ended up hanging over this barrier. Slightly obscured by that hand is a balding man who doesn’t appear to be in much distress at all. I was being pulled in different directions, people were shouting for oxygen, all sorts of demands. By October I was living here, on Bute. Michael was 32 when he went to Hillsborough. But I hadn't walked a few steps before the policeman shouted at me. A few bumps and bruises? He severed the nerves in the top of his leg, which has left him partially disabled, and he suffered broken ribs - one of these fans had been hammering on his chest to revive him. At the inquest in March 1991, the coroner ruled that everyone who'd been killed at Hillsborough had died of traumatic asphyxia, and that they were all dead or brain dead by 3.15pm. It was the turning point. Ten minutes later, it would have been too late. Electricidad y Electronica - Fundamento y Apli V.2 By this time my lungs were burning and freezing with alternate breaths. As we pulled up a policeman came to my window and said: "You can't go on the pitch, they're still fighting." Kenny and his wife Marina went to over half of the funerals. on the 15th of April The pressure was tightening like a vice. They told us there was a fatality, but when we got to the ground there were ambulances from everywhere, even Derbyshire. I know that. Then I just think: "He'd gone into the garage to feed the rabbit and thought: 'I can't go back, I've had enough,' and he snapped. He is now based in Newcastle, doing PR for Newcastle United and also working in the community. Eight feet or so in front of Peter, I was about to have my own moment of reckoning. If I had scored, the fans would've been even more excited and more people could have been crushed. Four minutes into the game I had a shot that hit the crossbar. All these questions they would have had to ask me are key to the mismanagement of Hillsborough. If I had lost someone that day then I would feel differently. He's been gone two years now. Naturally, at the time I was disappointed. As the seconds ticked down to 45, 40, 35, my lungs began to falter. Kevin, and others who died, could have been saved, he said. But they weren't allowed in. Many people already had. The Hillsborough disaster accounted for 96 fatalities and 766 injuries, making it one of the worst disasters in British sporting history. The people pressed against the barrier had fallen as it buckled, the people leaning on their backs fell on them, and a third row went down, too. I'm just so relieved I didn't score that day. I was a mature teenager, but I haven't grown up since at the same pace as my friends. My brother, a Forest season ticket holder, had a spare. But the jury at the inquest never heard the true story of how my son died. I was starting to panic now, but I was stuck. He began to go out a lot - he was out all the time - and he was drinking more than he had before. Ian was a psychiatric nurse at a high-security hospital and I'd just started a degree course in criminal justice. With 96 fatalities and 766 injuries, it remains the worst disaster in British sporting history. We never got a call to say Kevin was missing. Hillsborough made me realise how lucky I was. If you look to the left of the photo, there is a hand grabbing the outside of the fencing. (Dr Carey, the pathologist who worked on the Soham murders, was of the same opinion.) The residential streets around the stadium were barricaded at each end, so I approached two policemen and asked how to get round the ground. It's only in the past 18 months I've started to feel like I'm my own person again. The hospital phoned me at 6.30pm to say they had Michael. Two lads in front of the barrier had a bit more room, and they kept slapping his face to keep him conscious. To this day, no one has ever been successfully prosecuted for the deaths of 96 people at Hillsborough. What was it like to be the only ambulance attendant to reach the chaos of the Leppings Lane end? I felt cold and angry, and empty. I asked again to be put in touch with ambulance control, but the radio wasn't working. We didn't have a clue what was going on. He's not on crutches any more, but he says it's like having toothache in the top of his legs. When I went in I saw his face. If in a sense I have come from Hillsborough, I am not prepared to go back. And then I closed my eyes. Lord Justice Taylor stated of the senior officers on duty that "neither their handling of problems on the day nor their account of it in evidence showed the qualities of leadership to be expected of their rank". I didn't realise just how much it bothered him. In the chaos that ensued, some victims were crushed against steel fencing. In the years after the disaster there was a feeling that the full facts were not in the public domain and a suspicion that some facts were deliberately covered up. But to experience something so terrible, to be accused of thieving and pissing on police officers when you were in the process of trying to save lives, or comforting people in their final moments, is an insult so deep in the psyche that honesty becomes the key not just to remembering but to anything that really matters in life. The oldest victim was 67, the youngest a 10-year-old boy, the cousin of a then eight-year-old Steven Gerrard. Three men had long stopped breathing and were now staring, with a fixed, almost disinterested expression, into the distance.