Green Pigs | Steve the Monkey | Tank Evans | Bat Cronies | Ericka watches Drac attempt to explain himself before excusing herself to avoid the awkward situation. Evil-doer Ericka has short, curly white hair and blue eyes. He wears a black tuxedo with a black cape and the inside of his cape is fuschia-purple along with black dress shoes. In the morning, after explaining to Abraham about a feeling, when she was with Dracula at the restaurant, and after knocking Wayne and Wanda out, Ericka's great-grandfather tells her to fetch the Instrument of Destruction, when the monsters reach their final destination, Atlantis. ", before walking away confidently. When Drac eats the chips covered in guacamole, however, he lets out a large toot. Hal | Goal Miles Morales | Sam Sparks | Hunter | Mavis Dracula | Silver | She carries them both to a closet and locks them inside. Blah Blah Blah! Bo | Frank | Do-Gooder Boog | She uses a secret passageway that leads deep into the bowels of the ship and enters a room at the end of a walkway. She flips onto one of the Kraken's leviathan tentacles and starts sprinting toward where Drac is being held, when Dennis instructs Tinkles to assist her. Ericka stutters and tries to explain further, but Abraham cuts her off and opens the Instrument of Destruction. Thomas McGregor | Wilson | He leads her by hand through the lobby, up to the thirteenth floor, and onto the hotel roof. Hobby When Abraham questions what a zing is, Ericka informs him confidently that it's a monster thing, and that he wouldn't understand. Hunter | Ericka listens to this and immediately feels sorry for Dracula, & reveals that she never knew her parents, and only her great-grandfather raised her, and that she had lived on the ship, all her life. Ericka smiles at him and they both laugh that he has a battle ax stuck in his head. Eric | Captain Ericka Weapons Zeta, Live-Action Movies After Ericka picked herself off the sand, she asked Drac and Mavis what a "Zing" was. She is Dracula's fiancee. Along with her great-grandfather's plan, to go get the Instrument of Destruction, she promises her great-grandfather, not to kill Dracula and his family. After Dracula and Mavis are caught in the Kraken's tentacles, and begins to violently suffocate Dracula, Ericka could not bear to watch Drac get hurt, so Ericka jumps off the DJ booth, (Much to Abraham's shock, and surprise) and jumps onto Tinkles, and using her martial art skills, kicks the Kraken in the eye, making the large sea creature growl in pain, as Ericka watched a lifeless Drac, fall from the sky. Scorpion | Birthday King Herod | Smiler | DraculaAbraham Van HelsingMavis DraculaJonathan LoughranDennisTinklesAll monsters But everyone has own goal. Chicken Joe | Tank Evans | and the spider engagement ring jumps onto her finger. Weggsley | Hunting monsters (formerly)Dracula, choosing her own future, monsters, flirting, romance, dancing, chips and dip Gisela and Giselita | Elderly Gremlin | She also wears a white captain suit, with yellow buttons, pink lipstick, gold earrings and has red polished nails. Mike and Linda | Ericka Van Helsing, also known as Captain Ericka, is the captain of a luxury cruise ship called the Legacy and the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, the famed monster hunter. Jailbreak | Angered by this, Mavis uses her powers to lift up the captain, and physically restrain her, from hurting Dracula. McSquizzy | During her childhood, Ericka was taught to believe in her duty as a monster hunter. He confesses that he is very nervous as he hasn't had a date since his wife died. ", "You can't do this! R.L. Once the monster arrive at Atlanti… Mrs. McGregor | Rick Mitchell | Jerome | Spider-Man Villains, Movies Doug | Once the monster arrive at Atlantis, and when the monsters go into the city, where they all start to do gambling, Ericka disguises herself as a local tourist, while Drac follows her (And not long after), Mavis follows them, as well suspiciously. With that, Abraham opens the Instrument of Destruction, and brainwashes the Kraken to destroy, the monsters. Inspired by her family's legacy, Ericka was determined to succeed where her great-grandfather had failed and finally destroy the immortal vampire named Dracula. Hotel Transylvania Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. When Mavis refuses to release her, Drac confesses that he zinged with Ericka, which surprises Mavis enough to remove her hold on her. Ericka works as the captain, of a luxury cruise ship and is the great-granddaughter of the monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. Mr. Hyde, Hotel Transylvania 3 Ericka spent most of her life, living aboard her great-grandfather's ship, the Legacy. A month later, back at Hotel Transylvania, Dracula and Ericka (Which now are girlfriend and boyfriend), sneak past their family and friends, and they both make their way, to the hotel's rooftop (Which Johnny and Mavis were, in the 1st film), and Drac asked Ericka to marry Dracula. Dracula swoops up Ericka, just before a piece of the ceiling almost fell on her, as Dracula and Ericka narrowly escape the throne room, and rocketed out of the water, and onto the sand. She tells him as much and hurriedly leaves with the artifact. Prowler | You're wrong about monsters! She slides down onto the deck and finished her introduction, then continues greetin… After Drac saves Ericka from another axe, Ericka tests him by deliberately setting off every trap that she steps on while Drac dives in to save her. She teases him, calling him "sneaky pants" and asks if he's brought her up to the roof to suck her blood, "bleh-bleh-bleh!". Thaddeus and Rufus | Roxanne | Murray | I mean, how many times can you save my life, right? Affiliations Buddy | Hi-5 | Gwen Stacy | What!? Ericka is breathless when instead he asks her to marry him. Teresa | Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation The Blues | Video source: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - Dracula's Date Scene | Fandango Family