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Everybody loves an interesting story. According to LinkedIn, there are 675+ million users on the platform, as of February 1, 2020. Get the facts as they're known so far. For more inspiration, read some profiles of other people in your industry and see what stands out about their "About" section. It will increase traffic and allow recruiters to find you easily. This section appears near the top of your profile, so it is likely to be seen by anyone checking out your information. "Members who have a LinkedIn profile photo get up to 21 times more profile views than those who don't have one." Richmond restaurant owner Shane Thomas will be on television for the second time this year, this time on “Chopped,” the competitive cooking sh…, Chef Michael Hall, the former chef and owner of Spoonbread Bistro, is on the move and he’s landed smack on the line between Chesterfield and P…, When the coronavirus pandemic forced the world to shut down in March, Lucy Wade, then a kindergartner with Chesterfield County Public Schools,…. Here are some of the best tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd, Independent Contractor (Newspaper Carrier), 'Well-known NC pastor' accused of urinating on Michigan woman on airplane, UPDATE: 5 hurt - including 3 JMU students - in blast at Harrisonburg shopping center near finish line for race, Richmond’s first licensed medical marijuana production facility set to open first dispensary, Indictments allege 3 employees of N.C. assisted living facility encouraged and filmed fight between residents, Why Virginia colleges have reported vastly different COVID case counts, Authorities raid Martinsville restaurant for possible COVID violations, Richmond restaurant owner on Food Network's 'Chopped' on Tuesday, Chef Michael Hall is no longer at Spoonbread Bistro. George Mason and Old Dominion have reported less than 100, but they've tested far fewer students. Your work will make you trustworthy. It can be about how you became the manager of your company. LinkedIn is a professional portfolio that you can use to market yourself. Trust me, you want to take advantage of these features so your profile will stand out from your resume. Your second goal in creating your LinkedIn profile to stand out and shine bright! Do you have LinkedIn? This post will explain how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in 2020. The potent aroma at 2804 Decatur St. in the Swansboro neighborhood of South Richmond could be described as either overwhelming, intoxicating or both. "Go multimedia," says Hatcher. Items like presentations, completed projects, and graphs are all examples of visual media that you can use to showcase your skills. None of these tips are difficult upgrades to make, but will go a long way in making your LinkedIn profile stand out. This may seem like a simple tip, but studies show that profiles with a listed location are 19 times more likely to receive views. Not every recruiter and hiring manager will click through and read the article when they see it on your profile, but they will likely be impressed by the fact that you have published an article either way. 6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out. You should fill out all the relevant detail so nothing is missing and no one should ask any question after viewing your profile. You could get a testimonial or two from past colleagues and type it in quotes. LinkedIn allows a lot of content in this space (you can easily fit multiple paragraphs), so get creative and write something to show employers what’s unique about you. People will get a glimpse of your personality and assume positive things until they view your entire profile. If a recruiter is looking at your profile they will  be able to see if you are the ideal candidate they are looking for using this information. You can mention that you read this article talking about how recommendations are a powerful way to distinguish yourself and set your profile apart from the millions of others out there. Instead of just telling prospective employers what you've accomplished, practice showing them through visuals. It is often much easier to get ideas for your own profile by browsing other profiles. Using premium features will make you stand out among other users. You have to ensure that it communicates who you are as a person. You can also add keywords to increase traffic and make recruiters find you easily. It also shows you how you are doing compared to other applicants. You can attach images of awards you’ve received. You have many opportunities to gain attention on LinkedIn. However, by taking the extra steps above, you can capitalize on the opportunities that other job seekers are missing. Get creative with your headline and put more than just your last job title, and you will get more attention on LinkedIn. (I did that myself after winning a.