For years now, the antihero saga has been the mainstay in prestige TV and dramas and there has been an overwhelming assumption that shows centering on the lives of good, earnest people are simply not as sexy. Of course, animated series are acted. He is tired of being the washed up star everyone used to love. When put out of context, the jokes may even seem bizarre and inappropriate. He seemed like a good person before Horsin' Around, but fame and money made it easier for him to get away with actions that hurt others. Bojack Horseman is the reason why this animated sitcom is so popular. Certainly, many of BoJack’s most memorable and affecting moments come from the series’ insistence on not shying away from grief. The most light-hearted episode on the animated series is actually the first one, followed by the second. ince BoJack Horseman first came out in 2014, it has gained both critical acclaim, as well as a staunchly loyal following of viewers who enjoy the show’s seamless blend of whimsical animation and earnest exploration of the human condition. Animation gives creators the freedom to directly tackle elaborate human issues without the strife and conflict attracted by those who are its subject. A great television series deserves to be watched from commencement to finish and it would be a great disservice to fandom if I leaked massive spoilers. Bojack Horseman is thought-provoking simply because of what the characters say or do. Throughout the series, we follow the experiences of BoJack, a once-famous horse actor who was best known for his role in a corny sitcom called Horsin’ Around. Do I think that he's always been a bad person? They were childhood friends, and they went to High School together. It helps that the show’s clever animation and off-the-wall humor (one of the subplots of this season features a sex robot that blares “erotic” phrases at inopportune moments) is always genuinely funny. There is one thing for sure; Bojack Horseman gets darker every passing episode. Bojack is toxic and he comes off as mean and uncaring because he can’t express his true feelings or face his own emotions. However, the show is full of jokes from the onset, and you may be mistaken to think it is a strained and failed comedy show from the way it started in season one. The actors must be great in mimicry. If it's anything Shawshank Redemption, Seinfeld, or Kevin Bacon game related he's way more interested. It brings life to themes and societal concerns without directly inferring to the living. The continuity is enforced by its thick and deep plot involving a self-destructive celebrity who is depressed and obsessed with getting attention. More people watched episode four than the previous ones, and it is most probably because of the critics. I owe you, Jones! Well, Bojack Horseman is also a superior show because it takes a totally different direction of originality. The characters must be unique, and their voice qualities must be personable. Who doesn’t have that jilted ex-lover who keeps coming back for more drama? That seems self-evident. It also uses ingenious literary devices like dark humor and satire to express how purposeful life is. They enjoyed it more as they began to understand the characters and the setting from a more thoughtful and indulging perspective. DON'T FAIL ME LIKE THE N!NJA T*RTLES 2o12 Making a horse for his animation is even ballsier. ...Alright? Bojack Horseman is way more dramatic and damaged than Raphael Bob-Waksberg for artistic reasons, and the hyperbole employed constantly is meant to desensitize some of the actual outrageous truths about Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s life. Sorry about the quality, VLC a shit. The new season goes further in this interrogation of the ways our actions define us by looking directly at our societal obsession with male antiheroes and our continued fascination with and exoneration of famous men who do very bad things. Of course, this show may seem overly negative in its tone and satirical in its prose, but it does so for social consciousness. The frequently told and practical jokes will still crack you up from time to time; just don’t watch it expecting comedy to be the main play. [HD Please!] If you ever tried watching just the first and second ever episodes of the highly acclaimed, followed and popular animated series Bojack Horseman, you may be left wondering what is so special about it. Maybe Hollywood really is that depressing and gloomy. THIS IS A FANVID JUST INCASE IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR CLIPS. He is the weirdest cartoon character that one could imagine. The characters are actually three dimensional; you will think of real-life people who fit the roles of the characters. Bojack Horseman tackles serious issues like the bizarre celebrity culture, mass gun violence and body shaming. If you’ve been watching Bojack Horseman, you’ll realize that this show is well researched and founded on psychological studies. The Top Ten Dueling Monsters In Yu-Gi-Oh! The series’ insistence on probing existential anxiety at what it means to be a person (or horse or cat or any number of human-like animals that we encounter in BoJack’s colorful world) has earned the show a reputation for being particularly sad, despite also being a zany, offbeat comedy filled to the brim with sly humor. In fact, this show kind of makes the jealous and star-stricken fans thankful for their normal lives. It’s not the alcohol or the drugs or any of the shitty things that happened in your career or when you were a kid. But while the series encourages us to see BoJack’s own self-absorption as a response to a traumatic childhood, it also insists that BoJack not be given a free pass. I owe you, Jones! Recapping Supernatural? Do you know what they have in common?