The Picture in the House. One of my favorites, very much works for sci-fi horror inspiration. Proves he actually could write a novel. If you have any other recommendations for people just starting Lovecraft, please leave them in the comments! I find this one of the eeriest of Lovecraft's stories. Please let me know in the comments. I have to admit that for some time I considered placing The Outsider a little higher, because it’s one of the unique stories written by H.P. While some people say that there are a few dull and too long fragments in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, I still think that it’s an excellent horror story, definitely worth the time invested in it. Many of these stories are, to put it bluntly, Lovecraft’s satirical take of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, although he does add a lot of his own spin to the genre.. “The Horror at Red Hook” has a lot of racist elements to it, although it is a fairly successful horror story. There are a number of good recordings available at the Lovecraft eZine and some on Librivox. The way in which Lovecraft builds tension up to the terrifying finale is just breathtaking. I added my thoughts but tried not to give things away. Of course, your take on this may be entirely different. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by ( Log Out /  Lovecraft’s short stories, we recommend buying, for example, this collection: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A respectable movie based on his works has yet to be made, though many have tried. I read a lot of Poe & some other horror short stories. The Dreams in the Witch House is definitely one of my favorite horror short stories. Learn more. The vision of demonic Brown Jenkin, witch’s companion is haunting, and the same goes to Gillman’s nightmares. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Trivia, the “viol” Zann plays is actually a cello, both are short for violoncello. And “Old Bugs” is about the evils of alcohol, not about giant old bugs (I was disappointed). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you try the rest & like them, then consider reading it or listening to it on the Cthulhu Podcast (which is the only way I made it through, though I enjoyed listening). One of the best known short stories, written by Lovecraft. We get necromancers, possessions, dreadful experiments, and an excellent, climactic confrontation at the end of the text. One of Lovecraft's most human-centric stories. Content © Arkham Archivist 2010 — 2020. After the fall of a meteor, people and animals inhabiting the nearby area start to descend into madness, while at night, strange otherworldly lights come out of a particular well. Recently I have written about great weird fiction short stories by Thomas Ligotti, whereas this time I take a closer look at another classic of this genre – H.P. The scale of the history is enormous – the story takes us on a trip around the world, we visit the United States, China, New Zealand, and even Antarctica, while the Cthulhu cult threatens whole humanity. Racist cringe factor with the cat's name. I recommend reading after you've read most of the shorter ones, not up front. None of these really have plot or conclusions, but they're all excellent. Fairly classic Lovecraftian story but with much more material. The recording can do with more sound engineering to make it listenable in the car. So, that’s it – my favorite short stories written by H.P. “The Temple,” “Cool Air,” “The Dreams in the Witch House,” and “The Statement of Randolph Carter” are all short stories that you might enjoy if you discover you like Lovecraft. They're not too long (some more than others), if you don't like one you can drop it and move on to another. After a massive flood somewhere around Vermont, the river begins to wash out bizarre creatures, which don’t resemble anything know to humans. Which horror story written by this author is your favorite? Spoils what might be on otherwise excellent story. If I had to choose one story which might encourage people to read H.P. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Its plot is intriguing, and the surprising ending surely will give you goosebumps. Lovecraft’s stories. This story shows a different aspect of Lovecraft’s works – a more fantastic one. How would your list look like? Oliver Onions - a forgotten weird fiction classic - Weird Pond, "The Fisherman" John Langan - weird fiction masterpiece, Interesting horror books which you should read. Even before I released the Lovecraft eBook, people have asked me where they should start with Lovecraft or what his best stories were. Change ). An excellent instance of cosmic horror. Lovecraft’s stories, I would pick The Colour out of Space. There are newspaper clippings and journal entries and interviews. How would your list look like? I enjoyed the Cthulhu podcast reading which can be bought here or downloaded episode-by-episode from the same site. These zombie stories comprise Lovecraft’s “reanimator” mini-cycle, starting with his most famous work Herbert West – Reanimator, the basis for the cult 1985 film Re-Animator.. Together, they encapsulate everything about Lovecraft's universe except his dream stories. A group of scientists entrapped in the frozen Antarctic world, which hides a terrible mystery deep beneath the ice – it sounds a bit like the excellent movie by John Carpenter The Thing, doesn’t it?