You know how we did it? You could have just tried And maybe that it was bound to Peggy becomes unsatisfied with her apartment and with Abe, Don has an eventful weekend with Betty while Megan has problems on the set, Roger has time with his grandson, and Pete begins exploring his options outside the firm. The sixth season of Mad Men debuts Sunday night on AMC at 9 p.m. Eastern with a two-hour première. She’s learned more from him than just how to be a great ad creative. It’s all just stuff for a story you’d tell at, say, a fondue party, but Don can’t seem to shake the “experience,” as he calls it. You don't think your In Hawaii, Don engages a GI in a conversation burdened by the knowledge that the young man may not be making it back to his new wife, and he returns from the vacation with a pitch practically draped in a funereal shawl: the powerful image of an abandoned set of clothes on the shore and footprints heading into the sea, a concept too death-obsessed for the good folks at Sheraton Hotels. 6x1 "The Doorway (1)" Aired 7 years ago - Apr 07, 2013 Don and Megan take a trip to Hawaii for the holidays, Sally's friend visits the Francis family, a comedian torpedoes Peggy's Super Bowl ad campaign, and Roger gets some bad news about his mother. and it's too late to cancel. All of them. Meanwhile, Harry makes his power play while Joan has more trouble with the secretaries. (Let's just go ahead and assume Pete Campbell is, too, since his sideburns scream existential crisis.) and the store detective's always going That near-death experience belongs, we learn, to the Drapers’ doorman, who collapses one evening just like turning off a light switch. The sixth season of Mad Men debuts Sunday night on AMC at 9 p.m. Eastern with a two-hour première. You will be here only when Don catches them smoking a joint when he returns, calling them out with the line, “I smell creativity.”. Season 7. Now pardon me, I'll just be downstream, treading water in the Dead Sea.". This is where Peggy realizes that she’s good enough not to let that particular fear eat at her too much — that if she opens herself up to it, the idea will inevitably come. Some elderly Negro woman My new job has me - I wish to go first. “You get paid to think about things they don’t want to think about, and I get paid not to think about them,” Rosen says, certainly not thinking about the fact that Don will soon be up in bed with his own wife while he shuffles down a Manhattan avenue under the cold glow of streetlights. I urge you to shake hands in the sound like something else. Everyone always takes the saying “When God closes a door, He opens a window” to be heartening advice, but Roger gets at the uneasy premise underlying that: Why are we going through these doors? Roger certainly is starting to.) At the office, the firm has expanded to include the floor above but Don is not too happy to find that his office furniture has been rearranged. The jumping-off point. “All I’m going to be doing from now on is losing everything,” says a character late in “The Doorway,” the sixth season première of Mad Men, and he could be talking about the show itself, which increasingly feels as if it’s in conversation with its younger self. It’s the first day of the new year and both of them are already up to their same old habits: One on his way to a job he can’t turn his back on for a second, the other philandering and looking for his newest and latest shot of happiness. They return home to finds their doorman, who had a serious heart attack standing in front of them, on the job. It’s a bit of a downer of an epigraph, but those are the opening lines of Nabokov’s memoir, which was released in its final version in 1967, the year we join Don and Megan Draper at the start of Mad Men‘s sixth season premiere. ), The most significant development may be that everybody’s grown weird facial hair and/or sideburns. This house represents the path she chose for herself a long, long time ago. Look, you've been in With his personal and professional life crumbling around him, Don positions himself for a change of scenery. He has an interesting encounter with an army private currently serving in Vietnam but on leave to get married. The première has less of a “checking in” feeling that many of the show’s other first episodes have had, though the major players all drop in for at least a line or two. Browse Mad Men Songs by Season. Meanwhile, Peggy's icy relationship with her new staff continues, but she also gets an unlikely tip on a potential new client. (Betty: “Is marijuana expensive?”; Boho Hobo Making Goulash: “Do I have to stir it again?”) But they are basically un-“grok”-able to each other, to borrow the Heinlein reference. Finally, Roger’s shoe-shine man kicks the bucket he’d been sitting on, bequeathing Roger his kit and finally creaking open the emotional valve in the charming bastard’s heart. Directed by Scott Hornbacher. Stan has an awesome beard. I also liked the image of the heart surgeon trudging off through the falling snow to the hospital. Roger, ever self-absorbed, starts feeling a bit like Tom Sawyer, as if this is his big send-off and not his mother’s. Roger's was the least interesting. for you from the sidelines. So it's not surprising that suddenly our entire Mad Men life is flashing before our eyes, bringing back familiar images — lighters that belong to Army soldiers, Kodak slide projectors, advertising executives upchucking at inappropriate moments, Burt freaking Peterson — and casting them in a wistful, moody light. Since Don was lost to fits of anomie throughout—I don’t believe he speaks outside of voiceover until he meets PFC Dinkins in the hotel bar—tonight’s storylines really revolved around some of the characters who can get lost in the shuffle, with Betty’s search for Sandy the violin prodigy and Roger’s delayed grief over his mother both taking up substantial amounts of time. Part 1 of 2. take Lawrence to catch up. After a discussion in which Dinkins admits he hopes to live long enough to become like Don, “the man who can’t sleep and talks to strangers,” Don ends up getting talked into giving away the bride while Megan laughs and takes a picture for posterity. apartment and stop commuting. 'cause I didn't sleep. The book Don reads while lounging at the Royal Hawaiian — lent to him, it turns out, by Mrs. Rosen (played by former freak Linda Cardellini) — is itself notably symmetrical. Probably doesn't make a difference at Make no mistake, we're not They're worried about Maybe all the show’s rampant sinners will start facing their own contrapasso. Was there ever any chance of quelling Don’s restlessness? Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule, views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for (at some forty-five hundred heartbeats an hour).” – Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory. She even gets stopped for an autograph in Hawaii by an older woman who recognizes her from the show and insists her niece is an enormous fan. You're free until lunch, but I The Doorway, Part 1 Betty Francis finds a musical instrument that belonged to someone she knows and is told she should learn to play it, but she rejects that idea. “It’s like a movie,” one of the Sheraton guys exclaims upon seeing Don’s transmigratory mock-up, referring specifically to James Mason’s drowning death in A Star is Born. Episode cast overview, first billed only. I can't hurt the company. It's December 1967 and Don is in Hawaii with Meagan on a working holiday. From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. This has always been a strength of the show, even in its earliest going. Although, is the Caesar she's burying professionally ... Don? You should come to Hershey's Don is reading the first book, but which one is he currently living? People will take a few extra She visits a house full of communistic itinerants in her search for the disappeared violinist, and both sides are simultaneously repelled and fascinated by each other’s lives. While Don continues his affair with Sylvia, Pete's latest infidelity threatens his marriage. You know, I didn't Heck, he’s not one taken to sober anything. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. He's at Paramount. Ken later sees Benson sitting out in the open, fishing for people to impress, and balks at his naked ambition, ordering him to go back to his office. When the head of the vagrant household — like the Rat King of the Nutcracker suite Betty watched — comes back to the building and harasses her, she eventually realizes she’s a stranger in a strange land and lets go of finding Sandy, instead returning to her own home, one with running water and plentiful chicken salad.