I’ve been really lucky to be given such lovely feedback and I plan to specialise in dissociative disorders and maybe even set up my own specialist centre. You can either make a decision that benefits you, or one that benefits all the alters. 3 months ago. Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents. But, I never intended to become ‘the DID YouTuber’, I wanted to be a drop in ocean in the conversation about stigma and I’m so glad I feel like we’ve got the conversation going! … I started researching more and more, and what I saw on the internet were people wrapped in straight jackets. “inclusive,” you’re being anti-recovery and anti-DID/OSDD. Another firm reminder that “inclusive” plural spaces can be dangerous and harmful to people with DID and OSDD, especially if they are newly diagnosed or still exploring the possibility that they have DID/OSDD. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time. Especially given that it’s such a tricky role to play – they were all just amazing. I was simply a passenger. I'm Jess - 5 minds, 1 body. My tutor was the first person to listen to me and appreciate what I was trying to tell her, and she explained I needed an on-paper diagnosis to access any support, and that perhaps I should find a treatment centre that could help me gain some insight. But, underneath I was really struggling. Jess lives with four alters (altered states of consciousness): Jake, Jamie, Ollie and Ed, who you can meet in. June 7, 2020, Graduating during a global pandemic? Patreon to support more creative projects. Everything on that page seemed to be about me. I know it's a little story but it's still sad to me this not only was M&m robbed of something but potentially a smaller creater was too. When I saw what was written, I was shocked! If what happened to me hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t be like this. This is just a small example of the day-to-day decisions we have to make as a system and it’ll be up to the viewer to make these choices as it’ll be just another way to conceptualise what it’s like having DID and managing a system. Whether you are a designer, editor, call center agent or road warrior using both a PC and laptop, Multiplicity makes working across multiple computers a breeze. If you sign up, not only can you decide what we prioritise, but you can also VOTE on the next videos we create and COMMENT on exclusive upcoming projects - your feedback is crucial! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The group features Barbara Kalnes on vocals, Tom Kalnes on keyboards, Rick Vitek on drums & percussion, and Gary Swiontek on acoustic & electric bass. In fact, this is a glimpse inside her day-to-day life. I respectfully disagree with the idea that the word “systems” belongs to us, the DID community. © 2020 Multiplicity Literary Magazine. Showing a real face to DID – that we’re not axe-wielding murders, we’re like you. Would I end up like them? Anyone would be overwhelmed, but Jess tries to appease all four of them. It’s not “gatekeeping” to recognize that there’s a difference between having a mental disorder like DID/OSDD and experiencing non-disordered or non-dissociative plurality. We are DID systems, or systems of dissociated parts, but the word systems exists in many other contexts and is useful in many other ways. We were having so many PTSD reactions and we tried to listen to our body like it was saying “I need to be heard”, so we went with it rather than pushing it away. Jake, a cheery Californian, looks serious. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. Together, these alters are collectively known in the DID community as ‘a system’. I’d been trying to search my symptoms for a while, but they were really difficult to describe; I was very confused about my gender, my sexuality, and who exactly “Jess” was, so imagine trying to type that into a search engine?