The most powerful cards do not exist in My turn, nor the best tactics. Thank you in advance! In the settings there’s an option that says Gift Code, and then after typing in the code you can hit claim. Early prototype of a game developed in 48h for the GMTK GameJam! Service Contract ©Feiyu Technology International Company Ltd. My Turn - Card Game. One Shadowverse. Microsoft Excel: View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations. Some cards consume 3 points and some are free to use. Ticket: Ticket is needed to enter the Round-robin and the ticket can be purchased via Golds and Diamonds. Use your creativity in endless line-ups and create your exclusive deck! You have 3 points to begin with and those points are consumed for each attack you made. You can use all the cards in your hand as long as you have enough points before ending your turn. The gameplay is very straightforward, you use those cards to execute an attack using your heroes. Equipment Card: You need to use four different equipment cards, which will be used as cards by the heroes with corresponding colors during battle. No matter how formidable your opponent is and no matter how tense the atmosphere is--when you shout out "My Turn", you have the opportunity to make a great difference! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What kind of spark it will burst if we put them together?! Those same points increase in value every turn. Then he does some fancy drib-bling and makes a shot. Taking turns can be difficult for young children. Different colors represent different hero classes. Cookies help us deliver our services. Cookies are disabled. Welcome to the My Turn Wiki! |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. MY TURN helps people develop their skills, goals, and self-confidence through alternative education, post-secondary planning, career exploration, and employment training. - LL, kindergarden teacher . Start Duel: When the duel starts, if you are unsatisfied with the primitive hands, you can change five cards at most. During our six-month testing, we continuously improved gameplay and balance of the mechanism and received unanimous praise from hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world. Game » consists of 0 releases. the hoop. “Now me,” squeals Tina, waving her arms, “Oh, is it your turn? JavaScript is disabled. Use your creativity in endless line-ups and create your exclusive deck! Hero Card: You should deploy four different-color hero cards. It is a turned based card game and every turn you will draw 5 cards which you can use to attack the enemy. Once I introduce the Greedy and My Turn games, I know I am going to be playing them daily. UNIQUE TACTICAL CCG! Draft: Requires you to have 800 Achievement starts before you play. Washington Reads has a unique set of card games that guarantee sustained reading practice. Win Victory: Knock down all the 4 heroes in your opponent's team and you will be the winner! Currently at over 190 wins so you’d also receive rewards from adding me. Is that a bad thing? The effects of ultimate skill vary in different heroes. Literacy card games from Washington Reads give a SOUND start to reading! 103 talking about this. All these html5 games can be played on your mobile, pad and tablet without installation. Now is available on y8, and your job is to collect the arrow button to pass the level. [Game Introduction] My Turn is an extreme innovative fast-paced card battle game. Copyright © 2014-2020 APKPure All rights reserved. It is for free, but some items can be purchased by real money. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled. All rights reserved. You just have to drag the cards in the battlefield to deal damage to the enemy or to use an item or equipment. Bringing you tons of changes and new content! Japan's #1 strategic card game. Free Fantasy Strategy TCG Auto Chess Online PVP Card Game, Epic Cards Battle. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Unexpected combination! My Turn is a real-time cards duel game. Find the game on Before your next turn, 5 cards will be drawn. What I also love about the game is the randomness of the cards which makes the game more unpredictable. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Game modes are categorized into 3: Standard, Ranked and Draft. Copyright © 2014-2020 Phono-Graphix Reading Company. The most powerful cards do not exist in My turn, nor the best tactics. So like I feel a little bad but not much but I started using Witch Grail in all my build after I got extremely tilted by a Witch Grail build. "My kids love these games. My Turn is a turn based card game and as of writing, it is still on Pre OBT. During the battle, Cheese can double the Activeness you receive. The kids BEG to play." The first levels are very simple, but everything becomes later in further levels. Literacy card games from Washington Reads give a SOUND start to reading! Play with ease, and have an exciting matchup with players worldwide! The kids BEG to play." Choose your cards: You can choose your favored cards with your opponents by turn to build your duel deck from 12 hero cards, 9 equipment cards and 5 item cards in the card pool. MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game! Card lv is fixed at 4 in Round-robin so as to guarantee the balance of combats. Hero cards and equipment cards will be refreshed at 06:00 am each morning. Experience the worldwide PvP card game with friends. There are lots of times when children need to wait for their turn, whether playing a game, or waiting for your attention. When your account reaches a certain Battle Pass Level, you can open the according to monthly active rewards. We're a collaborative wiki format fansite dedicated to the game, My Turn, developed by feiyu, for Android. The high amount, the richer rewards. Preliminary and Round-robin are two modes available in duels. There are five colors in Hero cards. “My turn now!” Dad yells. You just have to drag the cards in the battlefield to deal damage to … These intrinsically motivating games are aligned with current reading research and are compatible with any reading approach. Ability Cards – cards that are unique to every heroes, Item Cards – cards that you can use in matches to aid you in battle, Equipment Cards – cards that you can use to equip to your heroes, granting them extra abilities. Build winning decks, strategize, and conquer the board!