Regular physical activity, which raises your heart rate over its resting rate, has been linked to longer life, according to the National Cancer Institute. First, their education system is highly ranked, and 87% of adults have completed upper secondary education. In studying the spread of COVID-19, a Pew Research center analysis of data from the United Nations noted a distinct correlation between several countries with the highest coronavirus death tolls and older populations. A sovereign city-state on the French Riviera, one in every three people living in the country are considered millionaires. - Median age: 16.0 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 5.72 - 2020 population: 20,250,833. Decreasing fertility rates, low migration rates, advancement in healthcare and mortality all contribute to a country having an older population. Other things like a lack of education, a shortage of income-generating employment opportunities, and almost no health care are also believed to be major factors in the country's low median age. The biggest risk factor we are reading and hearing about is that it affects the elderly more seriously than the young. Japan claims it was founded in 660 BCE by the Emperor Jimmu, according to mythology. These things could all be factors that contribute to the country's low median age of 17. - Median age: 45.3 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 1.38 - 2020 population: 10,423,054. Austria has a reputation for being a relaxed country. Privacy Policy, Which Country Has the Oldest Population? Their taxes help support a top-notch health care system, featuring hospitals and clinics with the most modern technology available, and safe water and sanitation for all citizens. Phone: +254 735 084293 Japan. Afghanistan has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world. Guinea-Bissau is currently facing a host of environmental issues, many of which may contribute to the young median age in the country. This alone lowered the median age in the country by a significant amount. Of all the European countries, Liechtenstein has one of the highest wage levels and one of the lowest unemployment levels. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the third lowest GDP per capita in the world: $800 (according to 2017 estimates). A 2008 Harvard study linked an increase in education to a longer life span, reporting that even a single year of college can lead to an extra 1.6 years of life. Those who listed family members (or spouses) as their closest confidants only had a 6% risk of dying over the next five years, while those who listed other people, like friends, had a 14% risk. - Median age: 17.0 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 5.53 - 2020 population: 12,123,200. The family is still the center of the social structure in Latvia, where multigenerational homes are common. - Median age: 16.7 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): data not available - 2020 population: 89,561,403. It's no secret that pollution has an effect on our lives. Older women in the United States continue to live longer than men, on average, but they’re spending an increasing share of their later years living with a disability, research suggests. Scientists have found that women who have given birth have biologically older cells. You may also like: 25 terms you should know to understand the climate change conversation, - Median age: 42.3 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 1.49 - 2020 population: 441,543. From influenza to tuberculosis to malaria and HIV/AIDS, the country's poor health care system isn't equipped to handle the needs of the country's nearly 12.4 million residents. This ensures their older citizens get proper healthcare access, which is likely why their median age is higher than other countries. South Sudan is the world's youngest state, having just established its independence from Sudan in 2011. - Median age: 18.3 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 4.72 - 2020 population: 43,849,260. You can literally visit France while being in North America, as it is a ferry ride away if visiting from Newfoundland. Westlands Office Park This was also true of 50-year-old Ethiopians in 1950. Work is not a top priority here, and while most people are employed, many businesses close early and for long stretches of time in the summer, providing a great work-life balance. Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? - Median age: 18.6 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 5.54 - 2020 population: 11,193,725. Today’s Research on Aging (Issue 37): Working longer can reduce public spending and enable some older workers to enter retirement with more financial security. Saint Pierre and Miquelon belongs to France, but is situated in North America and is over 2300 miles away from the nearest point of France. Bosnia and Herzegovina lies on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. - Median age: 19.5 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 4.82 - 2020 population: 38,928,346. In fact, most... Vietnam. A Lancet study published May 12, 2020, estimated that disruptions to health care because of COVID-19 could cause 1.15 million child and 56,700 maternal deaths around the world before 2021, with countries such as Sierra Leone being disproportionately affected. - Median age: 18.6 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 4.72 - 2020 population: 206,139,589. Unlike the earlier Millennium Development Goals, the global targets for 2030 call for ensuring that the SDGs are met for all segments of society, including vulnerable older adults. Better data will help us answer a key question: Are older people leading both longer and healthier lives? - Median age: 48.6 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 1.43 - 2020 population: 126,476,461. Population Reference Bureau (0.78 mile, to be exact - that is smaller than Central Park in New York City!). They point out that decelerating aging and postponing age-related disease and disability can improve individual quality of life and have profound economic implications. Japan and Italy don’t even make the top 10 (see table). - Median age: 43.7 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 1.49 - 2020 population: 6,948,445. - Median age: 42.8 years - Fertility rate (births per woman): 1.77 - 2020 population: 17,134,872. It's also a perfect blend of nearly all of the major contributing factors of longevity. Japan is an island country located in East Asia, has a population of 126.8 million people. Only 73.8% of adults are literate, and fewer than 25% of children move on to secondary school after completing primary school. In fact, 10–15% of citizens can't afford health care, and there is no public system in place that ensures they receive even the most basic medical attention. The Darfur genocide, in which Darfuris living in Sudan were murdered on the orders of the Sudanese government, began in 2003, resulting in the death of 400,000 Dafuris and displacing 3 million others. New measures could better capture the dynamics of population aging and eventually become the basis for policy changes that make public pensions such as Social Security more sustainable.3. Additionally, 86% of adults have completed upper secondary education and 92% of people believe they have someone they could rely on in a time of need.