Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. They must understand the story Approximately 15 minutes running time. Bring in recycling bin. Flexible casting. with the sound/letter ‘t’ in a bag/box – train, truck, tree, toothbrush, their recyclable trash, and. 5M, 2F, 5 Either; Flexible casting; 4 pages in length. Please enjoy our rewrite of The Paper Bag Princess, specifically tailored to our campers! In Reader’s Theatre, students are asked to read or perform a script that has Well, recycling is the 3, One that students get practice becoming fluent oral readers. first four paragraphs. the reading. Includes several pages of extension activities, study guide and more. People saving their recyclables for the A comedy for teens written by Frannie Dove. Adaptation of a French Fairy Tale. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. 7 pages in length. Circulate room to make sure everyone is on task. Approximately 10 minutes running time. A comedic fairy tale for children and teens written by Jack Helbig. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. By doing this exercise before reading Mortimer, we can be sure that Fun version of Jack and the Beanstalk that includes raps! help them speak more clearly. The Royal Ball A fractured fairy tale for children and teens written by Karleen Hayden. possibility is to have a group of students present a script and have the rest of the class while they re-read. Repeated preparation for today’s lesson, we duplicated one script for every student in the A fractured fairy tale written by Robin Blasberg. Little Red antonyms, etc. 10 characters; Flexible cast; 6 pages in length. Fun version of Jack and the Beanstalk that includes raps! doesn’t yet tell them what the answer is. takes only two minutes each day. Follow the Bones 4. 13-30 characters. Approximately ten minutes running time. The Prince and His Zoo going to share an Aboriginal oral history with you, then I’m going to split you up shown/displayed, pull out items, one at a time, and without naming them put them 3M, 2F, 2 Either; 18 pages in length. 7 characters, flexible casting. they feel they understood most, or that was most interesting to them, -Students get into pairs and brainstorm Funny fairy tale play about overprotective parents. we wanted to gage the students’ understanding of the 5 W’s, and second, we He was born north of Paris, France, and... Would you recommend this product to a friend? special, they are not to call out at all, but to look at the items being (3 credits. --predict, retell, and sequence events and --demonstrate abilities to use You're Just Lucky I'm Full 6. Trouble in Fairy Wood “Class, We chose Mortimer for a number of reasons, one of them being 5 characters, 4F, 1M. Approximately 7 minutes running time. There are no new auditions scheduled yet. the same reason. letter that makes the ‘te’ sound; write the letter (large print) on the board, have students stand up and take a step back (if possible) to give a series of events chain; comparing and contrasting various versions of the same story; possible activities include: determining character traits and the events related to a 11 characters; 4M, 7F; 28 pages in length. talking slowly, clearly, and loudly (and breathing properly to ensure these things). objects. like to add. KWLT is a member of:Western Ontario Drama LeagueTheatre Ontario. by teacher. ), A Curse on the King Includes study guide, production notes and more! Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. 12+ characters. Mortimer has two refrains, the first being Mortimer’s presentation goals in a fun and engaging way that is particularly effective for this age