Thru the Rumormill, the woman gets this information, confronts the man ,ultimatly the couple splits-up and the man leaves her for the other girl. An expansion of who the singer is, she moves on having destroyed the man who left her, taking for herself the woman he believed was his. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ This song seems pretty straightforward and literal, but (paradoxically) the subject of it is inuendo and rumour. Rumour has it, rumour, What does rumor has it that expression mean? 3) the man is leaving the younger woman and returning to the arms of his former lover the singer). She said even her best friends believed she was in a relationship, with someone she had never even met, on the basis of rumours. Rumour has it, ooh, Just 'cause you heard it," Rumour has it, rumour," *"Rumour has it, ooh, Rumour has everything! adunit_id: 100001411, You made a fool out of me, What does rumor has it that expression mean? And the man made a fool of the singer by betraying her trust, by being unfaithful to her, and by leaving her for a younger woman. Rumour Has It - Adele She, she ain't real, She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will, She is a stranger, You and I have history, Or don't you remember? Only , one thing he didn't know was when he was gone, having a fling with someone else and going on with his life..She was left to pick up the pieces and move on aswel..she began seeing someone too. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ** It's a song of Revenge---** I don't think anything will top Rolling In The Deep or Set Fire To The Rain. -THE TWIST- She wanted to show him what it was like to loose, to hurt and to be left alone and empty. "All of these words whispered in my ear, Thus,the Rumors start flying again that this couple is getting back together. The song sounds like it could be about the famous folks who show up in the tabloids, but it's not. "Rumour Has It" as written by Ryan B. Tedder Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Downtown Music Publishing. *"Rumour has it, ooh, Rumor, a German shepherd that won Best In Show at the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was named after this song. *"Bless your soul, you've got your head in the clouds, But, the voice of the song is sick of being second best and having to sneak around and feels used (and is not happy about the love rat blabbing to others about his exploits). Webb talks about his classic songs "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "Wichita Lineman" and "MacArthur Park.". div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) *"She is half your age, Rumour has it, ooh, All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. "Angie" was the only ballad by The Rolling Stones to hit #1 in America. Or don't you remember?" Rumour has everything! LYRICK-(Rumor has it,she's the one you're leaving me for). The couple is having relationship problems. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Collaborating with T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips changed her name and left her Christian label behind - Robert Plant, who recorded one of her songs on Raising Sand, is a fan. Rumour has it, ooh, She is very young for his age but is again asking him why he fell in love with her. 1) the man, after the first flush of lust/love had faded, no longer loves the younger woman; This sounds pretty accurate. 2) the man is missing his former lover (the singer) and that they sneak out at night to be together, particularly when the younger woman isn't around; and Rumour has it, ooh, Just 'cause I said it, it don't mean that I meant it, This is indicated by the lyrics "Just 'cause I said it, don't mean that I meant it. Now rumour has it she ain't got your love anymore," Take this quiz to find out. Rumour has it, rumour, It's about my own friends believing stuff that they hear about me, which is pretty mortifying really." *"She is a stranger, cheat on) his former lover. Adele, along with telling a story, is trying to tell her fans about the damage gossip and rumours have done in … Rumour has it, rumour, Rumour has it, rumour, She also sings that "All of these words whispered in my ear tell a story that I cannot bear to hear." Rumour has it, rumour, Adele has stated that the song was not inspired by the media but it was aimed at her friends who believed things they heard about her. The younger woman had made a fool out of the man by getting him to fall in love with her and getting him to stray from (i.e. People say crazy things, She's very talented. Rumour Has It is a song about the bad things that rumors can do to a relationship. Don’t have an account? She is saying that she may have got everything in her but questioning whether he wants that or not. Rumour has it, ooh, But I'm guessing that's the reason that you strayed," Rumour has it, ooh, You've been telling people things you shouldn't be," Song meanings ©2003-2020 Moving On. Someone that was there for her when he wasn't, someone to hold her when she cryed, someoneone that seemed to take her pain away and comfort her. It means that Adele's leaving the boy to continue the relationship of him with another girl. She reminds him of the love they shared and everything they once had and they rekindle their relationship. "Never Tear Us Apart" was a live favorite for INXS, who would often extend the second pause for a while as the crowd went crazy. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. *"Rumour has it, ooh, Ryan Tedder was in the middle of touring his band OneRepublic's second album, Ryan Tedder believes his catholic taste in music helps with his songwriting. Adele says the inspiration was a lot closer to home. Rumour has it, ooh, Adele has grown on me a lot. *"She, she ain't real, Adele explained that the song was not inspired by the media, but was aimed at her own friends, who frequently spread rumours about her break-up with her boyfriend: "People might think it's about blogs and magazines and papers, but it's not. yhtrownuon September 19, 2011 Link No RepliesLog in to reply Go beyond The Beatles to see what you know about the British Invasion. In the end the voice of the song appropriates the rumour mill to turn the tables on her love rat by leaving him 'rumour has it he's the one I'm leaving you for'. It means that the stories told to her are all nonsense and she cannot bear to listen to it. Rumour has it, ooh, Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. var opts = { It is about her own friends that they just go along with the rumors about her. (function() { I think that Adele is saying a boy that she has known for years, whether in love life, or friendship, finds a girl who may only want to use him. Rumour has it, rumour, song: "Rumour Has It", rumor has it that phrase. That was the shocking surprize ending and the best revenge- She takes the younger girlfriend away from the man who was running around. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. But you're cold to the core, Tell a story that I cannot bear to hear, Sure, she's got it all, But, baby, is that really what you want? Rumour has it, rumour, The song was written by Adele and Ryan Tedder while the production was handled by latter. Is Adele hereself the voice of the song? It means that she succeeded in getting him but he is still doubting so she no longer getting his love. And, boy, she's bringing you down," The first time I heard this song, I thought it was alright, but now that I've listened to it a few times and understand the meaning; it's a good song. Haven't you heard the rumours?" U2, Carly Simon, Joanna Newsom, Brian Wilson and Fiona Apple have all gone to Van Dyke Parks to make their songs exceptional. The co-writer/guitarist on many Alice Cooper hits, Dick was also Lou Reed's axeman on the Rock n' Roll Animal album. I believe the singer herself is the one responsible for spreading the rumors. LYRICK-(jus 'cause I said it,don't mean I meant it) In actuallity she had no real feelings of love for him at all, where once he melted her heart, (when he left) turned her cold , uncaring and bitter toward him. Not the best, but good. John Lennon got the title of the Beatles song "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" from an article in a magazine published by the National Rifle Association. Rumor, a German shepherd that won Best In Show at the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was named after this song. *"Like when we creep out and she ain't around, Tedder added that when Adele and him came up with this raw, bluesy tune he was listening to a lot of Muddy Waters. She is half his age, probably looking for "sleeping" and nothing else. LYRICK-(Rumor has it, he's the one I'm leaving you for).----Moral of the Story----Hell Hath No Fury as A Woman Scorned :))**. "Rumour Has It" is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter Adele for her second studio album 21. Rumour has it, rumour, All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. artist: "Adele", (Rumour) Rumour has it (Rumour) Rumour has it (Rumour) All of these words whispered in my ear Tell a story that I cannot bear to hear Just 'cause I said it, it don't mean that I meant it People say crazy things Just 'cause I said it, don't mean that I meant it Just 'cause you heard it. Did Adele even write this herself given that the credits on the album list other writers, which is why I say the 'voice' or 'speaker' of the song. Adele wishes to protect her loved one from harm, while everyone is making up stories of their own about her. Altho she won the heart of her first love back. People say crazy things about her and that the boy heard it and started to disbelieve Adele. Just 'cause I said it, don't that mean I meant it, But, baby, is that really what you want? " Rumour has it, rumour, ", "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz is from the perspective of Jesus Christ: "I am the chosen I'm the one.". She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will," The current rumors have it that: Rumour has it, rumour," Rumour has it, ooh, It’s super easy, we promise! Finally, She wins him back. Definition of rumor has it that in the Idioms Dictionary. document.write('
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