Phenotype of POLE-mutated endometrial cancer. [Ultrasound staging of endometrial cancer - recommended methodology of examination]. What a rollercoaster of emotions! To describe the sonographic features of endometrial cancer in relation to tumor stage, grade and histological type, using the International Endometrial Tumor Analysis (IETA) terminology. She went to a lot of doctors before she got one to do a serious evaluation of her. It's not usually the kind of sleepiness that you can push through by getting a good night of sleep, or with a cup of coffee. Copyright © 2017 ISUOG. I know you are scared...I NTFC said...BREATHE...visualize beautiful peaceful things and try to remain focused on those things. Boy was I wrong! Hi I too had the same as nanny Annie I’m just 6 weeks post op if  can help anyway pls askmeme any questions. My older sister had the same problem 5 years ago and was treated with surgery and radiotherapy and every 6 months she is checked for reoccurring but she has not any sign. It is now three years later and right now I am fine. I am 63 years old. I did undergo 5 weeks of radiation therapy. My mom’s two sisters passed away young, one at 46 from cervical cancer and the other at 48 from colon cancer. My gynecologist took my symptoms seriously and so it was early. Until they do the tests and figure out what is going on - you don't have cancer. The doctor says that I have every reason to believe that this is very early stage so I am trying to remain calm. I am 55 years old, and I was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. My only risk factors are that I am a white female. I am doing that next week. My cancer was stage I, grade III. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. )Which disclosed uterine carcinosarcoma. I was diagnosed with a 9 mm fibroid tumor in my uterus. My doctor never used the word cancer. in 5 months so far. They checked me for anemia, and that was it. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I had a D and C, hysteroscopy and polypectomy. I had a ct scan yesterday and I should know more next week. It lasted about 10 minutes, then was sore for 24 hours, and then went away. Keep in mind, "What doesn't destroy me only makes me stronger!". They did an ultrasound (internal and external) and told me it most likely was uterine cancer because my endometrial lining was 15 mm thick (oncologist says it should be around 4mm). If you have endometrial cancer, the doctor will want to find out how far it has spread. Hi Littled, I believe in positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive friends and family. I just thank God every day that I did not hesitate to have the hysterectomy because if I had waited in the hopes of having another baby, it may have been too late. If you have endometrial cancer or are close to someone who does, knowing what to expect can help you cope. It sounds like your diagnosis was endometrial hyperplasia with atypia. The following Thursday the biopsy came back as endometrial cancer, endometrioid, grade 2. When my oncologist examined me, she said I had discharge due to the uterine cancer.