Calculate termination charges If you are subscribed to RED by SFR, the operator’s packages are non-binding and do not involve any cancellation fees. To definitively cancel a mobile package, whether at SFR or Red By SFR, without taking a new operator and therefore definitively losing your mobile line number, here is the procedure to follow. Launched in 2012, RED was SFR's response to low-cost provider Free's entry into the French mobile phone market. I wanted to buy a new phone in August 2019 and got convinced by the salesman to sign a 1 year contract perfectly knowing I would move abroad after 6 months. I’m still receiving emails from them (naturally I’m unable to reply to the email sent as it’s an unattended address!!) WHY ???? I WOULD NOT AND COULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM .... DO NOT USE SFR !!!!!!.. Fortunately, the operator offers a tool on its site to calculate its cancellation fees. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies. On the other hand, the case of SFR subscribers is more complex. Having cancelled the orde within the 14 days !! RED by SFR provides both phone and Internet plans, which you will find more details about below. as when I checked the order !! I agreed to this.Then I received an invoice for 33 euros, which was supposed to be inclusive of a 28 euro discount. When I speak to a customer services it is always my fault despite the fact they are lying.Can we all get togeather to do something ? SFR have been an absolute nightmare to deal with and it is still continuing!! As with other reviews I am very frustrated with SFR. Find out more about the RED ADSL or RED optical fibre offers (including latest prices). They have very obviously been instructed to delay and give people the run-around rather than arrange a technician to help them. RED by SFR appeals to a younger clientele. The launch was,…, Activision seems not to have finished with the remastering of the Playstation…, No Game No Life : When Two Gamers Have the Fate of Mankind in Their Hands…, Children provided apples iphone by gangs to strike ‘5-A-DAY’ holding up targets in opulent London criminal activity area where 3% of offenses finish in court, Podcasts: why Sacem’s new barme to use music is stirring up the industry, Print the Last Column from a File with the “awk” command-Linux Hint, How to Install Graylog with Elasticsearch on CentOS 8, Delivery of a hybrid cloud application in financial services, 15 GB from Europe + USA/Canada (+5€/month). SFR France is a French Telecom Company Which Provides 4G Internet service for more than 22Million Customers. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! I wish them ill of every euro I have ever paid them. A real nightmare! I wasn’t getting what I had asked for !! Don’t touch with a barge pole! For this method, you must first read the RIOnumber, i.e. I believe SFR to be criminal I signed up with who were fine until SFR took over and I check my bank statements every month to find what they have signed me up to and how much more I am being charged. As mentioned previously, while you may be able to seek assistance for your RED plan in an SFR boutique, you will be charged for using live customer service. While RED is a part of SFR, you can only seek help in a SFR boutique for certain services, which will charge a service fee. Was asked to return the router, which I did at a cost of 15€. To find out more, simply call 3179, a toll-free number. After 13 years of paying every single month without fail when I left France I did not imagine for a moment I would be FINED nearly 200 euros for closing my account with SFR. A bunch of crooks and liars. I opted for internet package with SFR not realising orange had monopoly on all telephone line installations. I'd give it -10 if I could! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THESE CONMEN.I have no words to sufficiently express the frustration I feel for the hell I've been through as an SFR client in the past 1 year. Several weeks later the box was returned to me as apparently the depot was closed. Generally speaking, in the case of a package with a 12-month commitment, the subscriber will have to pay for the remaining months. Will carry on taking money from the bank. Service,usage,account use is the worst I have ever experienced. SFR DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!! RED also sells new and used (reconditionné) phones in its online boutique. Clearly what they were trying to do was make it appear as if the representative had offered a 28 euro discount TO 33 euros, rather than FROM 33 euros. On discovering this, she cancelled it, but is now having problems with SFR being threatened with debt collection. New customers interested in signing up for a plan with RED can receive a live callback by entering their telephone number onthe RED website. Please send us an email or ask for a free callback. Fault on the line will lie and tell you that they have tested it and no fault. RED by SFR features contract-free plans and online customer service, including a very active community forum. Découvrez tous les téléphones mobiles et smartphone sans engagement avec RED by SFR et surfez en internet 4G à petits prix Topic: Delphi Language charlene44 wrote: 18/08/2006 at 15h08 calculation of number of…, We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to marketing, social…, Earlier this week, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic. In accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale, I thank you for taking the appropriate measures to terminate the subscription contract that binds us. Of course, nobody tells you that. All of RED by SFR mobile phone and Internet plans are 100% online and contract-free (sans engagement). SFR (France) uses 2 GSM bands, 2 UMTS bands, and 4 LTE bands. Stay away!! Selectra will assist you in order to find a great offer for you with SFR. When red is green: RED recently rebranded with a green logo. ! No problem at all.But they told me they could do better than that. asking me to complete direct debit mandate for this account.Selectra, who sold the package, are unable to do anything.Coincidentally, I went directly to Orange, fabulous English speaking operator, got landline and internet sorted in 10 minutes! RED has one package Internet offer ("box"), which includes Internet + fixed telephone line + TV package in zones dégroupées (unbundled zones). For example, if you still have 8 monthly payments to make, the cancellation fee is capped at 2 months of subscription. Our English-speaking advisors are available: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 8 pm, Saturdays from 9.30 am to 6 pm, Moving, switching phone or internet suppliers. I used the SFR simcard for one year contract. After few weeks with them already looking elsewhere. I subscribed to SFR in 2019.As I was planning to leave France, I phoned to cancel my contract. TOTAL REMAKE OF THE COMPANY NEEDED. Proper signed contracts. the unique number allowing you to identify precisely the subscription linked to your telephone line. This procedure requires your new operator to take steps to cancel your old subscription. Get in touch with Selectra! If you are at SFR, here is the address where the letter is sent: SFR Termination You can reach assistance about your RED plan in the following ways. Just shocking service! 1 year later, I a still fighting with SFR after having sent them 2 registered letters with all the documents they required (but in English as I moved in London: employment letter, apartment contract). Selectra helps English-speaking customers in France set up their home contracts (energy, broadband, etc.). All the hours I spent with their utterly incompetent client service, all the lies I've been told, the internet connection I lost 3 weeks ago and still they don't send a second technician, after the first one didn't show up nor called and then lied that there was a "misunderstanding" between us... All the money they are quick to charge, all the commercial phone calls where they are choking me to accept "free chains" only to learn that each "free" thing they offer you as a loyal customer prolongs your contract for another year!!! they are quick to call you and open an account but when you need any assistance at all they play around with waiting time and calls that are never picked up.. Pour les clients box de SFR sans option TV, accès à plus de 60 chaînes en direct, mais REPLAY non disponible. A bunch of incompetent theifs. As RED is online-based, your customer service options are primarily online. Our call center is currently closed. Only Internet + fixed telephone line is available in zones non-dégroupées. After about 10 attempts, being given several different numbers, I still could not get through to an English speaker.There’s no email address for this company and so I wrote to them at the address given online and sent it by recorded delivery (another 8€!!