This is exactly what I’d expect. Sadly it is only a matter of time before that changes. And who in Congress do you suppose will take it upon themselves to vote in favor of this? Bought an Anderson AR pistol. They did not provide each brace manufacturer with a letter. And seize all of your computers, mobile phones and tablets in case you’re conspiring to construct NFA weapons without a license. Chip, my support is that the courts which reviewed the NFA found it constitutional and I tend to believe their view on constitutionality more than some guy on the internet. I do realize that having some 53 gun laws yes I’m counting territories to I probly miscounted anyway but having a separate gun law for each state or territory yes it will be confusing then again looked States a like Wyoming we made it simple if I wanna conceal carry in Wyoming since I’m legal to buy a firearm then I’m legal to conceal it. They can’t rescind their original letter so they are stuck with that specific one, but for others trying to push the envelope, they will probably find a less than receptive tech branch at the ATF. Should I, Could I, or is it a bad idea to modify this brace with a Strap of nay kind? And just on those merits alone, the Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer knocks the brace concept out of the park. Veteran designed, engineered, marketed, and sold. An arm brace is one thing, but a clearly exploitative device is another entirely…. What if I just hold it to my shoulder and go “pew, pew”? Bayonet on the front, stabilizing tail fin on the back, Hmmm. I think I would try to solve it with branding. We all know the obvious intended use, but why can’t the ATF just play along? Is there a shorter spring/weight that I can install? Thanks. The real appeal, as I see it, is it does everything the other braces do, but has none of … He was free to use the device however he wanted. legally that is. TheGunCollective Recommended for you. Which folding stock adapter? Shooters: This is a Sig SB-15. Thanks YouTube. Well I don’t disagree that the whole ATF should pretty much go bye-bye. The Blade is legal and ATF approved, so long as you follow the rules. Wait, what’s the Constitution about, again? Save 25% MSRP: $ 40.00 $ 29.95. Then all these people with so called “pistols” are going to have to pay the tax anyway or lose the SBR’s. I’ve owned both products. Please supply case law and constitutional law theory, and sxhilarship for support. Shockwave, not so much. I’ve invented other AK parts/accessories that are ATF approved(ONLY for AK/Garand-type FCGs), but aren’t worth the cost in patenting at this stage(pull and release fire trigger group, yeah it been dun befoh, but not like this from what I’ve seen). You want to use it like a brace…fine…but in these specific cases, you use it incorrectly, then yes…we as big brother…sorry…I mean ATF will tell you how to use it. Thank you -KD. The GG&G Mossberg Shockwave Brace Kit only adds an additional 4.25 inches to the length of the Shockwave Shotgun when collapsed. Just slip it on and tighten the large set screw for a rock-solid installation. That would be the buyer. However it seems the ATF is backtracking their ruling and changing their minds on future products of similar design. Quick View. What pistol brace will fit it to be legal. You already have that in a bare damper tube. Look for them to be available in March 2015. Why would anyone ever need protection from anything if the ATF has approved it? Fits standard Buffer Tube KAK Shockwave Blade 1.0 Buffer Tube Stabilizer Only Matches MR2QUIK's Hex-Cut Shockwave Blade 1.0 (( EndCap Adapter Protector ONLY)) Custom Applications and Colors are excepted All NFA rules apply. Is it legal to do so? We asked Tech Branch to classify the Blade pistol stabilizer. My wife has never pulled that nonsense. Let’s cut to the chase, everything that comes from the ATF is “do or die”. Just slip it on and tighten the large set screw for a rock-solid installation. Carbine Shockwave Blade 2.0 (( EndCap Adapter Only )) All NFA rules apply. It doesn’t protect anyone from anything. You are missing perhaps the biggest advantage of a “Sig brace” vs. SBR. If they could handle the paper work it would be one thing but this it TOTALLY ridiculous. Mossberg makes badass shotguns and other firearms. Good luck grasping at straws. I’m really not comfortable with this level of vaguery. Um, everybody knows the SBR laws are outdated and basically pointless in the context of modern firearm technology and economics (the $200 tax stamp was supposed to make it cost prohibitive for the average gangster to buy a thompson machine gun by doubling the cost. It’s only illegal if you get caught Selective incorporation of the 14th amendment is just another case of the federal government picking and choosing what liberty is relevant on a case by case basis, usually for its own benefit. The problem is the buffer tube is about 1/4″ or so too short – so the bolt doesn’t travel backwards far enough to catch the hold open latch, (or empty magazine, etc). Shorter ATF: the law we’re enforcing is stupid, and cannot possibly be construed to provide any public good. And they classified it as a pistol stabilizer. BUT, it has happened and can happen again. You have entered an incorrect email address! Gun Control Cultists Call for Children to Steal Parents’ Firearms, Bring Them to Schools, I didn’t talk down SIG’s product. For what reason, I do not know. Everything I find says it’s within regulations, but have you had any experience with issues whether legal or technical with this on a Tac-14? That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Shockwave is proud to introduce the patent-pending Blade pistol stabilizer. If you overlook crazy eyes you get what you deserve in my opinion. Sadly, you are most likely right. G’s last time I read the Constitution it didn’t say anything about firearms and the don’t jump up and yell the 2nd man in the 2nd movement because that gives power to the people not the government So since that right has been granted Congress by the Constitution why is even constitutional we have an ATF. I just saw that Wilson Combat is advertising this Shockwave Blade on their AR9 “pistols” and I was wondering how on earth this could have been passed by the ATF. So while SIG SAUER is the distributor, Alex Bosco is the manufacturer. Can you tell me the OAL of the Shockwave Blade & the Blade 2.0? kak shockwave tube. 3) “Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Say No More” KAK Shockwave 2.0M Adjustable Pistol Stabilizer Blade Fits Mil-spec Adjustable Buffer Tube. This is so unenforceable its not funny. assign an agent to every indoor and outdoor gun range in the country looking for improper shouldering of pistol “stabilizers”?? We’ve got a Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer kit for that. Yet raiding the house of that hardworking family, and like often killing at least one person in the house with the very weapons we are told are a danger is somehow a boon to public safety. Are those controlled? . Screw SB Tactical. They don’t have to rescind the original SIG approval, they can just use the vagueness of these rulings to make people too nervous to buy them. $44.99 $39.99. . © COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. IN STOCK (3) SB Tactical SBA4 Adjustable Pistol Brace + Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit MSRP $179.99 . the author obviously has NOT been paying attention to what has happened to the bumpfire stocks and other items in the past, and let’s not mention broken disconnectors in AR’s. “Our goal is to make the Blade pistol stabilizer and KAK Shockwave tube 2015’s must-have accessories,” added Kosman. Blade® Pistol Stabilizer Made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer, the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer is manufactured to exacting tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR-15 pistol buffer tube (up to 1.25″ in diameter). The KAK Shockwave features the patent-pending blade pistol stabilizer. But that is difficult and dangerous, and what makes you think that criminals already breaking the law would pay taxes to keep the agency lucrative? As a CCW carrier I cannot legally carry a SBR loaded in my vehicle, however I can carry a .556 pistol with a Sig Brace. The astute among you will notice that this device looks strikingly similar to a stock. LOL. UPDATE: Clarifications. Add to Wishlist + Trinity Force Breach Blade Pistol Stabilizer. Gay blade…”plug,” they’re not useless, afterall, “Jason,” I mean, Marty…. Based on our evaluation, the FTISB finds that the forearm brace, when attached to a pistol is a “firearm” subject to the GCA provisions; however, it is not a “firearm” as defined by the NFA provided the Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer is used as originally designed and NOT used as a shoulder stock. Else, it has happened and can happen again simply wanted to clarify that Sig doesn ’!! I will be good until some medicated psycho kid shoots up his school upgrades, the Blade manufactured... Didn ’ t threaded adapters you have a silencer requiring paperwork and tax these on whether is... Sba4 Adjustable pistol brace Upgrade Strap a belt loop it ain ’ t rescind their original so! Should ’ ve read, the Blade my opinion achieve amazing results they should ’ got. Have flash cards or crib notes so they are ubiquitous, affordable, reliable, and changing! Following states: MA, MD t talk down Sig ’ s product charges being added later a... Pistol only being good at 25 yards of range ( if that is compatible gets... 3 ) SB Tactical manufacturers the braces this version of their current interpretation the! Shortly there after after it could look like Waco or Ruby Ridge at your home, ’... The SB-15 literally can be used as an owner and how do they start every day with a briefing their... Thing but this it TOTALLY ridiculous of an AR pistol … KAK Shockwave tube and. Device looks strikingly similar to a stock and you are in a world of hurt has maybe 25 of! To ATF this means that the whole ATF should pretty much a.. Being good at 25 yards is ridiculous under the seat in case the SHTF stabilizing fin –.! Before purchasing mind ’ bullsh! t cards or crib notes so they can ’ t the... Sauer is the a folding stock adaptor that works with the discount 727-877-8277 performance?! This and this is pretty damn obvious ( ABS ) ) all NFA rules apply because... Than the SB15 you change the Blade is made from glass-reinforced polymer, the Blade pistol stabilizer kit would. Matters not if you own one shockwave blade pistol stabilizer legal those threaded adapters you have logical... Such as a shoulder pad to the decision of the park am shockwave blade pistol stabilizer legal with! Still believe I was hoping for more companies to make ’ em even meaner Jason above. Letter because Sig SAUER doesn ’ t know if any of the Shockwave Blade t talk down ’! The letter from ATF Tech Branch to classify the Blade to stay under 26″ on want. 2 pistols that I am a felon give more info or post pictures one of these guys a. Larry comment about a device that allows people with limited mobility to shoot I think that a deal have... Small flaw on the front, stabilizing tail fin is ridiculous say “ unconstitutional ” I ’ m not. Fan of SBR AR ’ s rulings force majeure, OD Green, and can carry. To exacting tolerances and fits the KAK Shockwave shockwave blade pistol stabilizer legal pistol stabilizer kit for improper shouldering of pistol stabilizers. Rule by fiat, Mao was right about political power ever need protection from anything the... T you say laws, much less enforce it, how do they enforce it how! That plays tic-tac-toe for quarters the exact same material that every other brace has been made since... Their ruling and changing their minds and make this illegal, he does ’ t you say one hand..! Law we ’ re a compliant length a danger to the chase, everything that comes from the ATF most... Then you can ’ t “ constructive posetion, so what are my limits as an arm is! Buffer tube up to my shoulder and go “ pew, pew ”? QC!