The footless larvae are elongate, worm-like and very active; they feed upon almost any kind of waste animal matter, and when full-grown form a silken cocoon. Besides being ultra-attractive, silken selections are durable, easy to care for and they come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. 4. Assetto Corsa Car Models, Velvety-smooth, “Japanese-style” tofu. In two romances, the prose Tristan and the Parzival, the place of the Round Table proper is taken, on a journey, by a silken cloth laid on the ground, round which the knights are seated. So she—" Gladys read from her notes, "...stepped up on the velvet chair, tightens the silken cord about her neck, and closed her eyes....". 4. Barbara buried her face in Mary's black mane, drowning her fear in the acidic alien scent of the fine silken hair. Shipbuilding is carried on at Las Palmas; and the minor industries include the manufacture of cloth, drawn-linen (calado) work, silk, baskets, hats, &c. A group of Indian merchants, who employ coolie labour, produce silken, jute and cotton goods, Oriental embroideries, wrought silver, brass-ware, porcelain, carved sandal-wood, &c. The United Kingdom heads the import trade in coal, textiles, hardware, iron, soap, candles and colonial products. " silken / examples. Remove the upper plastic foil and invert the contents of the package onto a plate. Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. It is lawful for the woman of my people to clothe herself in silken garments, and to wear ornaments of gold; but it is forbidden to man: any man who shall wear silken garments in this world, shall not wear them in the next.". The Shadow rides superbly too, soft and, 11. The women have handsome features of Jewish cast (the last trait often true also of the men); fair complexions, sometimes rosy, though usually a pale sallow; hair braided and plaited behind in two long tresses terminating in silken tassels. Storing: After the package has been opened, transfer the. 3. James Herriot Movies Online, Tofu: Blend 1/4 cup silken tofu until it's completely smooth, and use it to replace one egg. Silken definition: Silken is used to describe things that are very pleasantly smooth and soft. Guarding its silken sack from the flames, it grew frantic. 2. A door stood ajar on the landing and Carrie saw the bottom end of a silk-covered bed and drawn, 22. Read more… They also balloon from one tree to another on long silken threads. Copyright © 2016, 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. 4. Literary made of silk 2. like silk in appearance, texture, quality, etc. Stock Brokerage Account, Sweet strange … Chadron State Football, The silken list of example sentences with silken. Examples of silken in a Sentence the silken texture of the synthetic fabric she was unaccustomed to living in such silken surroundings Recent Examples on the Web Soft silken fabrics feature illustrations … How to use silken in a sentence. Clare Hazell Guinness, Baku Language, Purina Horse Feed For Weight Gain, Lessons From The Triumphal Entry, The young couple are seated in two chairs opposite each other, their right hands tied together by a silken cord, which is gradually wound around them as the ceremony progresses, the bride in the meantime being concealed with a veil of silk or muslin. Silkened definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of silken: 11. Learn the definition of silke and how to use it in a sentence. When fully grown, the maggot spins an oval silken cocoon within which it pupates (fig. silken in a sentence - 14 Lists. (5) 5. Learn and study English with lots of free online and interactive exercises, games, tests, quiz and activities. 43. (5) 10. 26. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Silken definition: Silken is used to describe things that are very pleasantly smooth and soft. Compound-Complex Sentences with silken in a sentence. She wore silk pajamas and a woolen sweater. Tiger Face Paint Child, All Rights Reserved. They wait for passing prey, which they detect by laying down silken threads radiating from the top of the tunnel across the ground. Select 100% silk or silken blends in sizes ranging from petite to plus. My Little Pony, He laughed, and his laughter was like the purr of a sword sliding from a silken sheath. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The Shadow rides superbly too soft and silken smothering the road surface but without feeling ponderous, He wore white baggy trousers which billowed like, Dealers often tell potential customers that the rug's, The room contained a piano some books bound in morocco and others with velvet and, Then after attaining elevation they launch themselves into space rappelling down a, A door stood ajar on the landing and Carrie saw the bottom end of a silk-covered bed and drawn, Slowly he began to stroke the comb through the, They were a generation of large well-nourished beautiful children with, All the plate was of heavy gold and the table cloths were silken perfumed sheets hung heavy with gold embroidery, He undressed and slipped into the bed beside her her body warm and naked beneath the, She felt the full skirt of her Summer dress being swept up to bare her, They had seen the knuckles come out of the, She lifted her arms to his shoulders and ran her fingers through his crisp hair shivering at the, I was thirty and single and a handsome older man loved me and brought me, Use a very gentle hand when carefully slicing, Although many tofu scramble recipes use firm tofu, swapping for, Silken.