#The Deep #HaveFaithInTheFish”. The members of the Nekton family, who form the primary protagonists of ‘The Deep’, are played by Vincent Tong as Antaeus (Ant) Nekton, Ashleigh Ball as Fontaine Nekton, Michael Dobson as Will Nekton, and Kathleen Barr as Kaiko Nekton. OMG! Six years after the disappearance of a Cardassian war ship, parts of the vessel are found floating in space. Forgot your password? Believing that the Cardassians have been infiltrated by the Dominion the Klingons declare war on them and break their treaty with the Federation when they refuse to join them, leading Captain Sisko to request the help of Commander Worf, who stays on as part of his crew. Whether The Deep Season 4 release date is announced? If you're not sure how to start, please check our wiki policy and guidelines or ask Wiki Staff. Martok: J.G. Hidden Secrets. Ant, Fontaine, Will, and Kaiko would obviously meet multiple fearsome beasts in their quest but with help from Jeffrey the Fish, they must somehow discover a solution to this ‘giant-sized’ problem. Pls keep it going as its not just a fun and excites show but its also an education program, which gives us a wider understanding of the Ocean and the wide unlimited sea live that dwells below. I soon watch a good cartoon. Fresh (7) Commissed by ABC, it premiered on 7TWO on 1 December … Once again, one of Jazdia Dax's previous hosts causes trouble for her present incarnation. 100% hand-made and created for fans of The Deep (both young and not-so-young), these are sure to get you even more excited to watch Season 3, and maybe even go back and watch Seasons 1 & 2 again! the best trek tv show but it took a couple of seasons to get going but i loved they way they had recurring characters and ongoing plots and stories, The Dark Trek, deep space nine sets itself apart quickly from TNG but really hits it stride from season 2 and with the exception of having to deal with the forced Klingon addition of season four stays the course to bring great story telling. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Desirous of breaking free from the Dominion, the rebels force Bahir to help them. Huraga: William Dennis Hunt. The Deep is a Animation Adventure, Children TV show on 7TWO, which was launched on December 1, 2015. Gul Dukat: Marc Alaimo. All Anyway, we are never too old to watch or do anything that a kid can do. Season 4 is an upcoming season of the television series of The Deep. When Will 'Oggy and the Cockroaches' Season 8 on France 3. The creators and production company who put this together are phenomenal and can’t wait to see what they do next...we are sitting at the edge of our seats waiting actually...impatiently so most days :). Receive automatic notifications when The Deep Season 4 release date is announced. Please Note that is wiki contains spoilers, so we ask that you read at your own risk. We can't wait for season2. The Visitor is, quite simply, one of the finest hours of Star Trek ever made. Don't have an account? This Fraser family reunion has taken a real turn. 4. ‘The Deep’ season 3 premiered on ABC ME in Australia on March 3, 2019, after being renewed for a third season on February 13, 2018. Honey I'm 50 and I totally get where you're coming from. Critics (7), View All As per executive producer Robert Chandler’s tweet, “We’re working on it …. it says the deep has 2 seasons but season 2 has 13 episodes that include the season 3 episode list. Now, as far as a renewal goes, there has not been an official announcement yet. Check out the Nektons, the family of aquatic explorers. Will 'Disney Mickey Mouse' Return For A Season 6 on Disney Channel? Learn more about the Comic Book series that started it all. The Deep Wiki is a collaborative database for all things related to Tom Taylor's The Deep series. With impressive understatement, the two-parter at the center of the show's fourth season - and the entire series as a whole - quietly drives home the scale of the danger facing humanity. Created by Tom Taylor, James Brouwer. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. I certainly hope it comes back in the US. With Vincent Tong, Ashleigh Ball, Kathleen Barr, Michael Dobson. First telecast October 30, 1995, "Rejoined" was written by Ronald D. Moore and Rene Echevarria, and directed by Avery Brooks. 22m. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. https://thedeep.fandom.com/wiki/The_Deep_Wiki?oldid=8751. Learn the actual status of The Deep on 7TWO. Sadly, Most cartoons never even show the parents! Season 4 is expected to be about the Nekton family as they set out to search for William’s parents and discover what happened to them. Fontaine Nekton is the eldest child of the Nekton Family.She is 15 years old and 149 cm (4’10”) tall. The episode was scripted by Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe from a story by Toni Marberry and Jack Trevino. I feel like I'll die of anticipation waiting for the new series to come out....MAKE IT FAST!! | Rating: 9/10 |, Jul 16, 2016 One thing the beautifully made anime series The Deep has in abundance of is the depiction of the tight family and their relationship to one another. The action-adventure show and science fantasy animated series originally premiered in Australia on 7TWO on December 1, 2015, after which it was broadcast in Canada from January 2016 on Family Chrgd.