Hitler’s line also reinforces the idea of the race as a metaphor for Louie’s life so far. Damon paused. Louie expects that conditions will be better there. But there was nothing to enjoy about whipping Stefan within an inch of his life in order to keep him from making a mistake that could cost him his life. Instant downloads of all 1364 LitChart PDFs "Let your brooding be productive for once and think about why I need to adjust your attitude before the main event.". My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. It’s looking bad for the American team. His eyes were unfocused and his voice was a little slurred. He pushed himself up and tried to grab at Damon's shirt. He just put his vampiric strength into each lick. Stefan didn't look thrilled, but he also didn't look like a scared kid about to be tanned black and blue. Chapter Summaries & Analyses. Important Quotes. He bent Stefan over the bed. During the Olympics, the Nazis hid any signs of conflict or violence in order to project a sense of national unity and power. Guards and other visitors taunt him, abuse him, or treat him indifferently. However, the dynamic will be very different from Stefan and Damon. Until then, Stefan could stew as he was smacked. And the vampire isn't a day walker. Mama is teaching again, but not at a school. He picked up Stefan's clothes, folded them, and put the back into his dresser, sighing fondly at the haphazardly folded clothes. (collapse), tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Soon after, though, eighty or ninety members of a submarine crew come through and attack both Louie and Phil with rocks and spit. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. The interrogators try to get Louie to tell them about planes and about the Norden bombsight. ", "I'm going to spank the sass out of you," Damon said, "then my strap will be having a long conversation with your ass about defiance." But when I spank you like the little boy you're acting like, I want you to feel it." ", "A few drops of human blood isn't going to make you strong enough to be of any real help," Damon said. Our, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Although he was exhausted, Stefan whimpered softly at Damon's ruling. On board the luxury cruiser named The Manhattan, he and several other athletes overindulge on the fine and endless buffet. With the world no longer watching, the violence returns and intensifies, a sign that foreshadows the coming war. Unbroken . And then he watched with wary eyes as Damon set his hands on his shoulders and leaned forward. Chapters 4-5. 4. Hitler and other Nazi leaders promoted the idea of a “pure” and “master” race of Northern European “Aryans.” This racist belief motivated the Holocaust: the Nazi extermination of six million Jews and five million non-Jewish victims deemed “inferior” by the Nazis. "Your crows can tell you when I'm bad and then you can spank me and go away again." "How can I spank your naughty little butt if I'm gone? And if Damon thought a single thrashing would rid him of all inclinations to put his life on the line needlessly, he would have stopped. Better than nothing. Damon wished he could see the welts he was doling out for more than a few seconds. This humiliation almost breaks Louie’s spirit for good, but he is just able to hold on. He wasn't able to measure it by Stefan's cries, because he was remaining stubbornly silent. Louie skillfully mixes partial truth with lies. It needed to be corrected, but he couldn't bring himself smack him for that. With exams nearing, Cassie and Stacey's classmates start having study sessions at home, led by Mama. Damon could put a lot of power behind his blows without having to worry about it breaking. As Louie experiences the cruel conditions of life in captivity, he actually misses life on the raft. Damon on Stefan; hand 1 Chapters 28-30. Damon finished spanking up his left cheek with a bit more speed than he'd been using. Chapters 12-14. He allowed Stefan a moment or two to feel the burn of the leather in between his blows, but that was it.