Click here to see our list of specially What Makes an Art Masterpiece? Images and sounds we build in our minds shine for the world to see. From Calder's mobiles to Picasso's disembodied portraits, to the dancers in a Matisse collage, mastery goes beyond technique and style, offering entertainment, an opportunity to pause and ponder, and perhaps see ourselves. "Masterpiece" has its troublesome edge, though. Great care was therefore taken to produce a fine piece in whatever the craft was, whether confectionery, painting, goldsmithing, knifemaking, leatherworking, or many other trades. Sculptures depicting the human form—often young hunky males such as the Roman Discobolos or powerful winged goddesses like the Greek Nike of Samothrace—are vivid examples of the importance beauty, strength, movement, and athletic ability played in Classical times. The carving in one is crisp and so graceful that the figure appears draped in sheer linen, her elegantly sandaled foot peeping from beneath a fold of fabric. It becomes just a pretty word that has lost its original purpose. Webster 's defines it as a "supreme intellectual or artistic achievement." Seeing the seductive smile of the Mona Lisa, you can't help but wonder what she is thinking. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All those qualities, and more, bubbled into the discussion. And because the imagination knows no limits, art offers the mortals a chance to become immortal. "It's very beautiful, but the issue of style comes in then," Welch said, noting the head's big eyes and pouty lips. As seen from the perspective of the king and queen being painted, we are given an intimate viewing of everyday royal life. Certain pieces can do without color and still be masterpieces. "They crystallize a whole set of artistic and cultural values and are technically brilliant above reproach. Masterpiece is the most overused word in the art world. But some scholars doubted the head and finally, in 2002, the Louvre had it analyzed. Webster's defines it as a "supreme intellectual or artistic achievement." purlieu OCT.…, 41 Comments   Ela1972 AUG. 3, 18 1:15 PM Watching the video of Amber Mansfield was SO sad. And let's not forget motive; one cannot deny the impact religion held for Fra Angelico, the insatiable curiosity of Leonardo, the rebelliousness of bad boy Caravaggio, or the insanity of van Gogh. A rare show of objects from the Louvre will give Minneapolis museumgoers an opportunity to sharpen their vision. The transformation of characters into symbols. The term "masterpiece" originated in the Middle Ages, when apprentice artisans had to prove their skills by submitting exemplary work for approval by the guild that governed their trade -- carving, metalwork, enameling. Same with a poem or a new religion. All are rare and important, but the "Peacock dish" is the star. Although there are differentiating criteria on the specific elements involved in selecting a masterpiece, there are common qualities that every masterpiece shares. A masterpiece makes us forget the artist, instead directing our attention to the artist's work. Today, the word “master” or “masterpiece” has lost its meaning because it is not based on anything tangible in the modern world. And the general public sometimes embraces certain works as "masterpieces" based mostly on their celebrity and fame. By looking at exhibitions, people can continue to develop and expand their knowledge of what a masterpiece can be. Long-recognized masterpieces by established talents are the bulk of the show, but even their reputations have had their ups and downs.