Keep us posted! Signs and symptoms. An update is not required, but for best search experience we strongly recommend updating to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11+. If you are experiencing possible symptoms of ovarian cancer your doctor may suggest several tests or scans to look for cysts, tumours or other changes. “It felt like really bad gas.”. Kimara Mason, who was diagnosed with stage I ovarian cancer in March 2014, experienced symptoms that didn’t feel right, but ended up saving her life. I sure pray that your symptoms are related to age and paramenapause. However, only 5-10% of all ovarian cancers are associated with a family history. Save time, book online. An account is a great way to keep track and manage your activity within our site. Some women will have chemotherapy before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) with the aim to shrink tumours and make them easier to remove. S. This discussion is closed to comments. My periods had become so irregular that I carried pads and tampons with me at all time.. but sometimes wouldn't need them for months.,, Epithelial Fallopian/Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma. I'm overweight and have been diagnosed with PCOS over 3 years ago. Piedmont is the only healthcare system in Georgia to become an affiliate of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. I was treated with a med for this. It sounds like you have a great doctor who listens to you and does the things you ask, so you have every reason to feel confident with them. Thanks! I already paid for part of her kids' college fund, but I'm taking my business elsewhere now. Bladder tenderness/burning with urination/frequent desire to urinate There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms. He’s made this whole process easier for me.”. Looks like these could be like all abnormal growths, either benign or malignant. I thought it was just depression. prior to your diagnosis? When the symptoms didn’t go away after three days, Mason made an appointment to see her doctor. Last medical review of source booklet: April 2020.Â, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Just saw your post and noticed how similar our symptoms are. Mason’s message to other women: Don’t ignore your symptoms if they persist for more than a few days. Ask your friend to 'take notes' for you during the appointment. The leg swelling was due to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which didn't hurt. 6 common mammogram and breast cancer myths, 5 reasons to conduct a monthly testicular self-exam. I had bloating, severe constipation, extreme fatigue, increased abdominal girth, urinary problems, pretty much every symptom. Understanding Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Council Australia © 2020. Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, National Secondary Students' Diet and Activity (NaSSDA) survey, Explore Resources for health professionals, Gynaecological oncologist- diagnoses and treats cancers of the female reproductive system. 18 Replies, Hi There. I was dx early aug- went to my internist thinking i had an umbilical hernia. I think we have all done that and wasted time that we could have used getting diagnosed. CT scans and blood test to measure CA125 are used. Other allied health professionals- such as social workers, pharmacists and counsellors. I'm 39 years old. What I thought were signs of a poor diet and a middle age slump were really symptoms of ovarian cancer. The good news was the cancer was only stage I. As for symptoms, I had NONE until shortly before I was diagnosed with stage 3c OVC. You need to go to the emergency room,’” remembers Mason. But if I don't get a good feel from her that she knows what it is, I'll schedule an appointment with a gyn-onc to get second opion. The sonogram should cover you, although you could ask for the blood test, which as PP pointed out is not that reliable pre-menopause. To check for a common tumour marker for ovarian cancer, CA125. no chemo needed. It may include one or more of the following: These symptoms are often related to more common, less serious health problems and most women will have these symptoms at some time. I'm new to the site and have found the info on here helpful and informative. ): An individual's prognosis depends on the type and stage of cancer as well as their age and general health at the time of diagnosis. I was not diagnosed until I had a full blown bowel obstruction. Shortly after my first visit, I was in surgery having a stage 1a, 5 lb ovarian tumor removed. since receiving news of Stage I Bladder Cancer, but am strongly considering requesting the gyn. Right Ovarian Pain. I ... i regularly see my ob/gyn and nothing irregular ever came up. Please share your symptoms and age of onset - I really want to know that I'm not losing my mind :) My doctor said I had probably had the ovarian tumor (softball-sized) for a year or more. Initially my only symptom was urinary urgency and a tender bladder, but no pain on urination. 16 Replies, We were a little shocked at how this was diagnosed. will say a special prayer for you! To start a new discussion in this community, please click here. I also had fluid in the abdomen. She was "formally dismissed" via certified letter from the practice that first found her "cyst" because she would not stop demanding that they were wrong--she knew something was going on. Surveillance means monitoring women who currently have no symptoms of ovarian cancer, but who are at an increased risk of developing the disease due to family history. Ugh - why do we do that to ourselves?? Prognosis refers to the expected outcome of a disease. I recently went to my GYN after two months of mysterious ... I tried to blow this off as age related too, but I've been overweight my whole life and have never carried my weight in that area. Coincindentally, I had my annual GYN exam Jan. 08. Re: what were your ovarian cancer symptoms?? I have an appointment with my gyn tomorrow morning. I'm 42 and was diagnosed with a Granulosa Cell Tumor in late February 2014 after they did a laparascopic ovary ... You need a CT and CA125 to confirm, but it sounds a bit suspicious. In feb. 08 I did have a small ovarian cyst. No doctor will refuse a test when there is a witness to the request. each day i would get a bit more bloated. Hey Sonya, Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. “It all started when my stomach felt bloated and wouldn’t go down,” says Ashley, now 29. I have not been diagnosed yet, but I have my surgery tomorrow (laparoscopy). The tumor that it actually was was grapefruit sized when another practice did her surgery in September 2009 and called in a gyn-onc to diagnose her with stage IIIC ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer can be difficult to diagnose at an early stage, largely because symptoms can be vague and similar to those of other common illnesses. Radiation therapy can be used to treat the pelvis or other sites of cancer that have spread. That was the ascities building up. When I saw the gynecologist in April 2009 (ovarian pain began around October 2008), they did an u/s and said that the left ovary (where my pain was) had numerous cysts that were unidentified and my right ovary had hemorraghic cysts. The early warning signs of ovarian cancer are often extremely subtle, which is why most women aren’t diagnosed until the disease has advanced to stage III or IV. Keep repeating this as often as is necessary. What were your early symptoms of ovarian cancer? My periods are usually painless and I rarely experience even minor discomfort. At the hospital, X-rays detected a tumor in her abdomen the size of a loaf of bread. It is most commonly diagnosed in women who are over 50 years of age.Â. Doesn't help alleviate my worry :) I'm cool with that, but of course I'm just dying to know what is going on. I recently did so, and now I have that baseline value (10.4 ... A family history of breast cancer and/or bowel cancer is also a risk factor. We were going for IVF for second baby and found an 11cm left ovarian cyst which looked suspicious ... That's when I really started looking into my symptoms.. (my mother died from OvCa, I really should have been more on top of this). looking back i was on my period for about 1-1/2 weeks and when we went swimming i put a tampon in that would keep coming out- thought that was a bit odd (it now makes complete sense!). oncologist. Hi, For me I had heavy bleeding cycles and then there were times that I had none at all. I don't know how they differentiate between cysts and tumors, but in my mom's case, the first practice was definitely wrong. Symptoms typically occur in advanced stages when tumor growth creates pressure on the bladder and rectum, and fluid begins to form. Shirley, My surgeon was able to remove all of my tumor (very large) and with six rounds of chemo, (carbo and taxol) and I am in complete remission. However, my pain began with ovarian pain. Lots of hugs to you all - you're the best!! Is mental stress harder on women’s hearts. About 3 or 4 periods ago my symptoms started and have not gone away, but instead are getting worse. I had messed around and let it spread all over the place. Don't waste your time with someone who may be skeptical of your symptoms and concerns or does not take them seriously. Bloating is the main symptom that puts doctors on high alert, Dr. Rosser says. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. “I started feeling pressure on the right side of my stomach,” says Mason. got in with a gyn-oc in Indy the following tues and had surgery on 8/11. It was on my left ovary; my right ovary was not diseased, but was removed anyway. There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms. Mum has developed ovarian cancer in her 70s, her sister died early 40s of breast cancer, their Mum of neither!