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Sample written testimony on Education Savings Accounts (SB 437)

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June 13, 2017

Dear Chairman Roblan and members of the Senate Education Committee:

My name is [Name] and I live in [City] and currently have [number of children] in the [City] Public School System. I am writing to support SB 437 and the -1 Amendment which would limit how much money goes into ESA accounts. This way, public schools should have the same or more money for each student remaining in their classrooms even as some students leave to find better educational opportunities.

[Insert personal reason you want children to access more school choice in Oregon.] Example: While my daughter is doing fine in her public grade school, my sons in middle and high schools are struggling. They both need different educational options than the school system is offering.

[Insert personal reason you support ESAs.] Example: Education Savings Accounts sound like the best opportunity for my sons, and many children, to find better learning environments than they are in now. My boys may need tutors or online courses that can help them where they are struggling. I understand that they could use part or all of an ESA account each year for a mix of such services, and if money is left over then we can roll it over into future grades. I especially like the opportunity they would have to use the remaining funds after graduating from high school to attend community college or an Oregon university.

[Insert *polite* personal reason you disagree with school choice opponents.] Example: I disagree with those who say that the legislature should only spend education money in our public school system. To me, if we are going to use taxpayer money to help educate Oregon students, then the money should be available for students to use wherever it can benefit them the most, whether public school, private, tutors, homeschooling – wherever they can learn the best.

Please learn more about the benefits that an ESA program like that offered in SB 437 could mean for my children and many Oregon students. Thank you for listening.



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